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  1. You realize you're responding to a pre-playoff post, yeah?
  2. How is that "the thing"? If they did nothing, you would be saying that they aren't doing anything to connect with their fanbase. You can't outright dismiss something because it hasn't moved the needle in a quarter of the season. If you "know this is true" because of the numbers, then you also know that the numbers have nowhere to go but up. Things like this is how you make that happen.
  3. Which would be good for call-ups but I'm pretty sure the AHL is still a bus league. (Which is why it's amazing Boise is even being considered.)
  4. As a general question regarding these jerseys, do any of these schools sell them?
  5. Is there an AAF rulebook somewhere? After that San Antonio interception, the defender who made the pick was never touched. Wouldn't the ball still be live and become a touchback or something after he just chucks it out of the endzone?
  6. What a weird picture pull (only in that I know exactly where that is in the north end of Seattle.)
  7. The auctions for them would appear to say otherwise https://auction.chl.ca/iSynApp/allAuction.action?sid=1100241&sort=bidcount_desc&rc=20&pgmode1=knights&pgmode2=profile&pgmode3=&pgcust3=teamName
  8. Oof, those collars. However, I would gladly take an authentic/GI/GW of each to add to the collection.
  9. If nothing else, it leaves open an opportunity to name the actual field something else. Niehaus Field at T-Mobile Park, for example. Not saying that's a good idea but the door is now open.
  10. It's not. At all. And that seam below the neck is ridiculous.
  11. Seems weird to me to have such a large arm stripe and put the number above it. I know it's commonplace but there it really sticks out.
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