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  1. why not just take the logo from the vancouver world juniors and use that as their main logo...its a great logo...
  2. hmmm...how long until the WWE signs him and we see him fighting the Great Khali or the Big Show....or better yet...the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov! lol
  3. I like it a whole lot more then it was a bad logo...that was made much worse when TNA wrassler "Simon Diamond" decided to use a blue version on his wrasslin tights Seeing that a schooner is a ship and not a plane ... Yeah, I almost said something about them "running aground" but thought better of it. they're just dry-docked for now...i do believe if the cfl can ever get the ottawa franchise to be run properly and consistently...that the schooners will finally get launched
  4. hence why the canucks yellows garnered so much love granted i cant help but love the belleville bulls almost identical jerseys
  5. not the best pic...its from my cell afterall lol but its Gordie Howe's retired number in Houston and i do hate that the canucks changed their banners to match the new look.... imo its messing with the hockey gods....even if they iced a cup champion worthy lineup..they wont win unless they go back to the old banners!
  6. somehow i was expecting the Macon Whoopie to be in that list...i guess i didnt get their meaning of "inapropriate" lol
  7. the guy in your sig looks alot like the (former?) wrestler Test...lol
  8. after consulting hockeydb.com and nhluniforms.com...coffey only wore these penguin jerseys the pens switched to the "robopidgeon" the year after coffey left....and those 3rds didnt come until 95-96..becoming full time in 97-98
  9. And the 2nd half of your post is missing: the part where you explain why he didn't wear it. ie. because it was a prototype only, or because (insert other plausible explanation here). Sorry for the off-topic, but the inability of some people to elaborate (or just to not sound so matter-of-factly) is an annoyance on this and other message boards. There, I feel better now. (now Charger77 would have used 4 posts to say what I just said, each a short point, and waiting for someone to ask for further info). It reminds me of marking students exams, where they write part of the answer, and the marker waves his red-pen and says "yes, and........?". Some people just don't get communication.....or consider their reader. because theres a "C" on the jersey...and the "C" from those jerseys had "66" on the jerseys...not "77"
  10. id like to see that moon logo with a full body coyote as the main logo on a yotes 3rd jersey
  11. or maybe its because the mlb finals is called the WORLD series...
  12. glad to see them bringing back the old half-leaf jerseys...my fav TC jerseys of all time...now maybe i can get my hands on one and slap Fuhr 31 on it...id do Neely but he was a last minute cut from the '87 team damn Keenan lol
  13. the nords jerseys were going to be a husky head theres a womens hockey team called the quebec avalanche.. .they have a pretty sweet logo
  14. bringing up big-ass country....im still having a hard time deciding just who the biggest waste of 10million was back then...Bryant Reeves...or Mark Messier