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  1. I heard today that the UA uniforms will debut in the 2018 postseason.
  2. The Royals will be getting a new Friday night alternate for home games in 2017. I've heard it will basically be the reverse version of 2016's gold program jersey. The jersey will be white with the blue Royals script outlined in gold and the hat will be blue with a white KC outlined in gold.
  3. Are we getting new BP jerseys and caps for 2016 or is 2016 the last year for the current set?
  4. Does anyone have a Royals 2014 American League Champions wallpaper on a royal blue background? I'd love one if you do! GO ROYALS!!!
  5. The powder blue is still the home alternate. That is new road alternate.
  6. I've heard the BP/Spring Training caps are changing for 2013...Any word on the jerseys?
  7. The Royals unveiled the 2012 All Star ballot this morning. The American League BP was also unveiled.
  8. They are all three quarter sleeves. There doesn't look to be a long sleeve option this year.
  9. Is that a new number font for the Royals? Something about it doesnt look the same as last season. Yes it is. Majestic pointed it out to me - I didn't see it at first. The Royals decided not to change the number font.
  10. The number font will remain the same as it's been...No changes.