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  1. On the right track. keep improving.
  2. Wordmarks and uniforms are on the way C&C please! I would appreciate it
  3. am i the only one that liked the LED display on both the NFL and MLB broadcasts? I think they were cool (and still are)
  4. The truth with Thome was, REGARDLESS of whether or not Konerko leaves, the Sox get a LH power bat, and Rowand was expendable anyway. Thome was a depth/cover your ass move to make sure that it Konerko leaves, Thome is there as insurance.
  5. Could i get a White Sox one? thanks bunches!
  6. Very few teams can get away with a creme color. Having said that, here are my picks: Orioles Carmines (Red Sox) Yankees Tigers Phillies Pirates Cardinals D'Backs (and they already wear a creme color) Giants
  7. The Red and Navy work But damn that white needs a little revision, but you did it right, my friend!
  8. Woah! i have seen wild designs of ballparks in the past, but i have NEVER seen a ballpark designed this well. This one takes the cake. I thought that the new Washington ballpark, the New Yankee Stadium, or even Petco Park would be the finest gem, but this one surpasses all of them by far.
  9. Here's my little crack on 6 Primary/Alternate logos for the Yankees, Devil Rays, Blue Jays, Nationals, Royals and Padres C&C Please! Thanks!
  10. I subtracted the brick and "coal" and added straight red and dark grey which i like to call "smoke grey" Here's the primary, home wordmark and cap C&C everyone! Primary Home Wordmark Cap
  11. A.L. East Orioles-classic home and road. need a drop shadow or 3rd white outline on the black alt. Red Sox-switch the number and letter colors on the red alt and we have a winner. Yankees-classic, cant touch those unis, except bringing a navy blue alt on the road Devil Rays-They finally got it right Blue Jays-be the Blue Jays damnit! A.L. Central White Sox-If they keep these unis it will be on the level of the Yanks very soon Indians-get rid of chief wahoo Tigers-please dont touch these! maybe add a navy blue alt Royals-keep them as is (including the black alts) Twins-good set A.L. West Angels-switch the caps to navy with a red bill A's-please dont touch these Mariners-change the numbers on the blue alt to full time Rangers-No gripes! N.L. East Braves-Red jerseys=bad karma Marlins-get a teal alt Mets-keep as is Phillies-get a red alt Nationals-keep these, they scream washington N.L. Central Cubs-as much as i hate the cubbies, the truth is this-put the names back on the homes Reds-keep them as is Astros-keep them as is Brewers-keep them as is Pirates-turn the yellow to a darker gold Cardinals-same as Phillies N.L. West D'Backs-use a tad bit more teal Rockies-keep them as is Dodgers-Put the names back-looks too damn weird Padres-classic dont touch them Giants-add a black alt C&C
  12. I think alternates should be used by every team. It's possible (even the Yankees, Cardinals, Giants, Nats, and Tigers need a bit of color)
  13. which font should i use for the numbers? My original plan was to have MLB Block, but i want to ask you guys which one i should use