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  1. I’d like to see laurel leaf in red but if this program is meant to have contrasting sweaters for matchups with rivals for Ottawa that means Montreal or Toronto (or both). I’m sure both of those teams will be given first preference for a full colour set which means the Sens jersey will likely be white.
  2. Trying to come up with candidates for Ottawa in this program and I can come up with 3 things from their history that they *might* do... - Red (or white) version of the 2000s alt with the laurel leaf trim - Black version of the "toga" jersey with the "toga" in white. Or a white version with the "toga" in red or black. - White version of the barberpole jersey they used the last few seasons (but not with the vintage white as they did for the Heritage Classic) If I had to guess, I'd probably go with the laurel leaf jersey in white or red as the most likely.
  3. More than that, the change to white numbers was mainly because the play-by-play guys had a really hard time seeing red on black from way up in the press box. They made frequent mistakes as a result and complained a lot. TV advancements aren't really going to help them there. (Source: someone I know who worked the games for local TV back in the day).
  4. One of the things that led me to coming around to actually accepting "Sockeyes" as a name after thinking it was stupid for a long time was when I threw them in a list with all the other Pacific Division teams and realized it doesn't look odd or stand out like a sore thumb like I thought it would: Edmonton Oilers Vegas Golden Knights Vancouver Canucks Seattle Sockeyes Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks "Metropiltans" on the other hand does does stick out like a sore thumb to me. Kind of like Golden Knights does. That said, I'm still firmly in the "Seattle Emeralds" camp.
  5. I was just old enough to start to be aware of hockey around this time. I think the 1981-82 season was the first hockey season I ever watched or understood anything about. Because the Canucks went to the Finals in these that year they are (as bad as they are) permanently etched in my memory as the "quintessential" Canucks look. Yes, my therapist has been working hard on this but we haven't made the breakthrough yet...
  6. Hasn't it come out that the whole London Knights name conflict was just a story? I remember reading that London was never even contacted by Vegas to find out what it would take. It was just a story because they didn't actually want to use Las Vegas Knights and they wanted to shut down the whole idea from gaining strength. I think Bill Foley always maintained that if it was going to be Knights it was going to be [something] Knights whether Black, Silver, Golden, or Desert.
  7. They used to. In fact they each used to name the plane for their terms. Truman's was "Independence", Eisenhower named it "Columbine". Kennedy just never bothered to name it so it became "Air Force One". Nixon tried to rename it "Spirit of 76" but that never took. But they also used to have different paint schemes for the plane:
  8. The story is that Cleveland and Minnesota merged in 1978. When the Gunds wanted to return to the Bay Area in 1990 the NHL created this complicated scheme that was termed as basically reversing the merge. The Sharks were created (essentially the Seals/Barons 2.0) and the Gunds were allowed to raid some Minnesota contracts and staff for the new team. In exchange, both Minnesota and San Jose got to take part in the expansion draft.
  9. If they acquire any currently owned rights to the name I don't see why not. Unless it runs afoul of the NHL marketing department or MLB throws an objection. That would all fall on the lawyers to clear or not clear everything legally. The process would probably go (assuming no NHL objection): Seattle: Hey NHL we want to be the Seattle Pilots. NHL: OK Cool, we don't have a problem with that name as part our league identity. Seattle: Lawyers? Can we do this? Ar there rights issues? How much would it cost us to resolve those? ~ Later ~ Seattle: Oh really? That much? OK, Sockeyes it is then! NHL: Groan, not that stupid name. Find a better one. And NOT Kraken!
  10. Don't forget Lethal Weapon 3 where the Los Angeles Generics play the Toronto Spades. As I recall, this was filmed before an actual game between the Leafs and Kings in the fall of 1991.
  11. This. I remember this from the opening night ceremonies in 1992 (pretty sure I have a VHS somewhere at my parents' place). Ziegler came out for a ceremony to declare that to the NHL the Senators weren't technically an expansion franchise, but one that had been dormant for almost 60 years. They were being "re-admitted" to the NHL as a result so that the new franchise could claim the old history.
  12. This is why nobody in Ottawa believes Eugene Melnyk when he says anything about wanting the team to win. You can't want the team to win and then trade away your biggest asset for nothing. This was all about money. That's it. That's all. Melnyk wants to win, sure, but he wants to win by being on the salary floor. Paying players means he pockets less money and he hates that idea. I've heard from inside sources that Leeder and Anselmi leaving was all about Melnyk meddling and not letting them do the job. There were blowups with both, I've heard. It's Melnyk who needs to go to San Jose.
  13. Even the CTC website lists the address as: 1000 Palladium Dr. Ottawa, Ontario, K2V 1A5 Canada.
  14. Kanata was absorbed by the City of Ottawa in 2000 (along with most of the rest of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton). It is no longer a separate city and hasn't been such for 18 years. Kanata is now nothing more than a region inside the city. In the lifetime of the Senators organization, Kanata has been part of Ottawa for more than twice as long as it wasn't.
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