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  1. Great thread. I love field designs. Great job!
  2. Thanks for all the great responses, guys! This is a GREAT resource, as we all know. One of the beat reporters in Cleveland claimed that 2011 was the first time ever that the Browns wore all white all year. That's simply not true, and he has yet to correct himself. He won't, cause he's a DB. ;-) Thanks again!
  3. Also, are you sure about the 1990s? That video was in 1993. They definitely wore brown in 1993 at home.
  4. Blue Falcon, all white in 1986 for ALL games, or just the home games? Thanks!
  5. If no one knows, is there a way to find out? (without me digging into my archives, of course) :-) Thanks! (I'm thinking they did not wear brown jerseys at all that year)
  6. I figured that would be the answer. That's why I came here! Thanks guys! Nice to see a higher res version of it!
  7.!/kidd923thefan/status/172132212257456128 Thanks!
  8. Sorry if this should be in another thread, but how do you guys get the grass texture like that? I use Illustrator. That looks awesome! Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I haven't posted in a while. Hope everyone is doing well. Not sure if anyone has seen this, but to those who have a problem with the "AL" logo on the Browns uniforms, your wish is finally coming true. Link "He says he's taking the "AL" uniform tribute to his dad off the jerseys after next season. "It will have been ten years.""
  10. Thanks for proving my point. So here's the breakdown on CCSLC: 1) "In my opinion" - The real Browns are now the Ravens. 2) Fact - The Ravens are a NFL expansion team and the city of Cleveland got to keep the real Browns. There is no #3 and those that truly believe #1 is comically correct probably won't change their hard-headed beliefs (kinda like religion). No point in trolling anymore, Lights Out. I'm actually pretty shocked that people that think they know the NFL still don't understand the Browns move. To think the Ravens are the "old Browns" is pretty laughable.
  11. In due time, absolutely. I'm going through D1 FBS now, then FCS. Could definitely keep going after that! Thanks again for the comments!
  12. Thanks again for the kind words, guys!
  13. That's in the plans, yes. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone! It's been a while, but I have made some more updates to my helmet map. Check them out at your leisure. C-USA almost complete. Thanks!