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  1. 23 here, and I only have 3 jerseys, a mid-90's black Orioles baseball jersey, a Phoenix Coyotes blank back jersey, and a Chicago Bears Berrian jersey, all of which I got either at a rather nice discount, or for less than $20. I do hope to grow my collection more, but I hate spending more than $60 on a jersey. I do enjoy wearing them to class, as the jerseys have the unintended side effect of hiding the sweat from having a car that lacks an air-conditioner.
  2. Shoot, and I was looking forward to cheap C. Johnson jerseys. A shame, really, but I'm betting that this isn't a unique situation.
  3. New Era thanks Marty McFly for his kind donation of authentic 1980's caps gathered from their native habitat of the rack in a small grocery store by the umbrellas and the gift cards.
  4. Competition is always good! I wonder what city they will choose for Michigan, for finally, I'm in a position where I can "roam" a bit for the first time in my life. Here's to hoping they choose Grand Rapids.
  5. I'm glad to see someone not bash Phoenix's logo for once. I found it a rather classy looking logo, if not proven by the test of time yet, and the article ranked it perfectly.
  6. Looking at this thread does indeed give me hope, I must admit. I had worried that there was indeed a trend torwards liking only winning teams, but I'm glad to see that it was just in my head. As for myself, NFL wise I'm big into the Lions and Bears. I know that they are rivals, but those two teams got the air time during my youth as a kid, and I could never choose between the two. Strange thing, though. I've found myself actually starting to have a little bit of a "bizzaro-fair-weather fan" relationship with the Tigers and the Red Wings. When they started becoming consistantly good, I found myself rooting for them less and less. I guess part of it could be that before them, I thought of them as my "own little team", and was frustrated that suddenly, everyone else liked the team only I liked. But I guess it is just me overreacting to something that wasn't even a problem.
  7. Take a peek at some of the other threads around here, and you can't exactly say it doesn't exist anymore. I was just curious if the trend was on the rise, is all.
  8. Yeah, it's frustrating seeing those Timberwolves jerseys, there's a few elements that could have gone right, but they seemingly dropped the ball on each one. Please tell me that is an undershirt he is wearing, and not a partially-done collar.
  9. Same here, and yeah, us Lions fan don't even get sunlight a good chunk of the season! But what I mean, though, is I wonder how many of these Giants, Patriots, Post-2006 Tigers, and BoSox fans would do if their teams started becoming more mid-range in a few years, you know?
  10. I hope you don't mind me venting on this, but it is a topic that has me thinking as of late. As I browse these forums more and more often, it seems that the vast majority of people here seem to brag about their favorite teams and how good they are, and how much they dislike other teams based almost only on the fact that they don't win as many games as other teams. Heck, even being a "Homer", a good fan of one's home team, is becoming an insult. Maybe it's just me, and I'm reading too much into things, but are fair-weather fans becoming the majority of sports fans as of late?
  11. Even though it is a fictional livery, I enjoy Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City Police cruisers, a well-executed spoof of the NYPD's look.
  12. I liked the Philadelphia Fox's uniforms, personally, though I wonder what was with the Cornets' nickname. Isn't the cornet that my fellow band freaks had to explain countless times how it is totally not a trumpet, yet essentially was one? As a close second, I like the New England Gulls' uniform, especially how they wore it Untucked.
  13. I always liked the Timberwolves mascot, I guess I'm a sucker for non-standard jersey numbers...
  14. They are definably non-traditional, though I don't think that is a bad thing at all. Personally, I think it would look a bit better if the logo was brought down to below the numbers, but that's just me. Otherwise, I think that this is a very creative jersey that would sell well.