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  1. So Adidas is taking over NHL jerseys? And will probably add a few ads to them??? I've definitely had better days...
  2. Regarding the Avs new jersey rumors: I haven't heard anything about them (I follow the team closely, as you might've guessed) and, while not discounting an earlier post... could it be that they will debut a new jersey for the outdoor game only?
  3. Powder blue road uniforms for the Royals and Blue Jays (and, while not retro per se, Rays)... Also, flannel gray road unis for the Yankees (sans white outlines and sleeve cuffs), Tigers, Cards and Dodgers... And, of course... stirrups.
  4. Can a thread be Dreamer-Jacked??? Because I think this one has been...
  5. Xolos Tijuana (Mexican League) is sporting a similar template:
  6. I'm not sure if it's actually still enforced though. I still don't understand why a manager needs to wear a uniform at all. Certainly they can come up with coaching gear that would allow for them to look professional but not silly in stretch doubleknit. Tradition, I guess? Maybe from the times player/managers were more common... Also, baseball is pretty much the only team sport where a manager/coach can enter the playing field (if only for pitching changes and berating the umpires...)
  7. Of course the irony in that first statement is that StubHub Center isn't in LA proper to begin with. So maybe in a few years time we can have the Carson Galaxy and Ranchocucamonga FC On a side note, Ranchocucamonga is the greatest name for a place ever. When I first heard it in Workaholics, I thought it was made up. I agree wholeheartedly... Whenever I hear "Rancho Cucamonga" I somehow think of this guy:
  8. Players would play in clown suits and Goofy shoes if it meant more money for them... It's their job, who could blame them for trying to earn a little more? To me, NBA players' complaints regarding sleeved jerseys have more to do with the fact they're not benefiting from them (people aren't buying them) than the discomfort they might feel by using them instead of the regular sleeveless...
  9. Pressed? Haha, I have never had a uniform pressed. Hey!!! My mom used to press my Little League jersey...
  10. Honest question: I read somewhere that the reason college baseball programs have different Friday, Saturday and Sunday uniforms is because it's hard for equipment managers to get them all washed, dried and pressed from game to game, especially on the weekends. Now this sounds quite reasonable for the ROAD team, but judging by the pictures you guys post, seems like the HOME team also has a uni for each day... why so? TIA
  11. Not a bad color scheme, especially with the subdued use of lime green (so far); to me it matches great with the Mariners and in general with the Pacific NW.