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  1. Welcome back to the front of the line, white-panel hats!!! I know they never disappeared completely, but since the Orioles decided to bring them back they now seem to be in every new set... even those where they obviously do not fit... (and I love some of the designers' lame excuses explanations for including the white-panels: "Oh, it's part of the team's heritage, because in 1981, when the team was located in Poughkeepsie, a hot-dog vendor at the stadium mistakenly wore an Expos hat with a white panel... so, there you go!!!)
  2. For the 1978 World Cup finals, Argentina decided to give numbers based on the alphabetical order of their players, hence Ossie Ardiles played with #1. And starting goalie Ubaldo "El Pato" Fillol wore No. 5; Argentina did the same thing for the 1982 World Cup and Fillol wore No. 7 (save for Diego Maradona; he was assigned his usual No. 10 regardless of the alphabet).
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