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  1. Only one balloon payment! No interest!
  2. Is Bob Eubanks still alive? I'd give anything to see some Card Sharks right about now.
  3. Speaking of Steve Harvey, who did he blow? One minute, he's doing crappy b-movies and doomed sitcoms, and the next he is on basically every single show on television.
  4. I like minimalist logos, but things have gone too far. At least have some type of graphic representation. I'm looking forward to the day when we look back and say "remember when everyone just used a black rectangle with their name in a sans serif font? That was dumb."
  5. Interesting article. What is even more interesting is the study linked from it. https://nava.org/digital-library/raven/Raven_v12_2005_p027-062.pdf
  6. I wish I could find a picture of that old dude, looking like he was about to take a beating, replying "Harumph!" Alas, it doesn't seem to be on the world wide web.
  7. Life is my favorite cereal, and I'm an old man, and I'm a curmudgeon, and I like the old box. Harumph! I bet the Quaker is looking on from wherever Quakers go and harumphing with me.
  8. Carolina. Oh, Carolina. Looks like they took a field trip to Myrtle Beach to study the artistic techniques of the local air brush artists for font inspiration.
  9. Calgary. We have the meats, eh?
  10. This is like picking which pile of dog crap to smell.
  11. I'm a full-time freelancer and I previously worked at a CPA firm for 20 years. To be safe, you'll want to hold back 30%. The advice here is good. There are a lot of factors that can affect that number, so it's best to check with a tax professional. Depending on how much you make, the Feds are going to want you to file quarterly estimated tax returns, but you can worry about that later. Oh, and get a separate bank account for all your business stuff.
  12. I saw this article. Sounds like he got dumped by that hot logo designer who works down the hall.
  13. That's interesting. I'm sure that's technically true, but I think when most of us imagine a thumbtack, the visual connection is from the orange logo. Maybe they're trying to educate us on semantics. ?
  14. Thumbtack is a website for finding services, kind of like Angie's List. As a freelancer, I have used it from time to time to pick up work in slow times. They have gone from orange to primarily black. Users see the word mark much more often than the graphic icon. Nothing particularly wrong with either version, but I'm calling it a downgrade. Seems much less recognizable.
  15. We used to have this in all the local convenience stores. It was usually next to the energy drinks, but was actually designed to put you to sleep. I really liked it on nights when I was having trouble falling asleep. Worked well, tasted like grape soda. No one seems to carry it any more and there's a rumor floating around that a trucker bought some thinking that it was an energy drink and ended up passing out at the wheel. Probably urban legend. Anyway, it deserves a spot in any interesting soda conversation.
  16. This is what the Titans should have done.
  17. I think Pruitt is going "Alabama" with Tennessee's uniforms. No alternate, all business. I wouldn't be surprised if he pushed for taking the T off the helmet. ?
  18. I don't love the new, but it's an upgrade. The original is woefully outdated.
  19. I like #2. Knowing what you are representing with it, I think the absence of outlines makes it feel freer and more like a living thing without restriction.
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