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  1. East Tennessee State basketball is like this, but I cannot find any photos that show the perspective. I was just watching the game on Friday night online, so it is a current situation.
  2. By my count, the following teams have gotten new jerseys, with similar design elements to the Nike football package: -Kentcuky (as they shall forever be known as) -Syracuse -Texas -Connecticut Do we know any others? Post photos if you got them. I've got to think teams like Gonzaga, Illinois, Michigan State, Georgetown, Arizona and others would be participating as well...
  3. From the official Ohio State Buckeyes team shop comes this t-shirt: Dear God, they are changing again...or are they? All the other shirts/hoodies seem to have the standard green helmet design. All merchandise on the Oregon team website also have the green helmet with the yellow 'O' design. Does anyone have any information on this?
  4. I have to say, Clemson and Florida look awesome. I know that some Florida fans were upset that Tim Tebow would not be wearing the traditional Florida look going out, but Nike found a strong look that still says Florida. On the other hand, Missouri...
  5. Nice to see The Jay Leno Show has an art staff as well...
  6. WGR-AM announced this morning that the Bills will be debuting the white throwbacks on the field for tonight's practice session. Also, there will be fireworks and a bugle a practice...I love Western New York!
  7. Wade moves from Converse to Jordan Seems to be a good move for everyone, even as a move within the overlording Nike family. Now, does anyone know how/if this will affect Marquette? I always understood their switch to the Converse brand a couple of years ago was because of Wade. Does this mean that we will have another Jordan school? As of now, I think the only ones right now are UNC, Georgetown and Cal after Cincinnati bailed by going to adidas, but I could be wrong.
  8. In what seems quite odd, there has still been no sites announced for the 2011 NCAA Men's Tournament other than Houston hosting the Final Four. Living in Buffalo, I feel like it was announced at least two years in advance that HSBC Arena would be hosting again in 2010 (it may have been anounced right after hosting in 2007). Does anybody have any information as to what cities will be hosting, or if there is any reason for a delay?
  9. I really wish I could have seen the looks on board posters' faces when these "Penn State-esque" jerseys debuted. Seriously, high comedy right there. I like the pants quite a bit, and don't mind the piping all that much. Slight upgrade IMOP, but again, the annoyance must have been priceless...
  10. We can only hope that as an additional stream of income, each player's jersey number is replaced with their REAL social security number, just to prove the validity of LifeLock...
  11. Maybe the Twins just hired a terrible company to make the new signage...
  12. Size: 1600 x 1200 Team: Ohio State Buckeyes Logo: Primary Colors: Scarlet and Grey, Naturally Background Color: Black OR Size: 1600 x 1200 Team: Vancouver Canucks Logo: Current Alternate (Updated stick in rink) Colors: Blue and Green Background Color: Black Gracias...
  13. There is a song that I cannot find, and I was hoping that someone here may be able to help me out. Usually when Jim Rome does a live read for a company at the end of segment one, this song plays. I have been trying to figure out who performs it or what the song is called. It is heavy synth guitar driven, and has a riff something along the lines of wahh-wahh wah-wah-wah-wah. It sticks in my head each day. Does anyone know the name of this song?! Thanks in advance...
  14. Is anybody aware/privy to information as to when Riddell will release the new helmet for the pocket pro revolution sets? I couldn't remember how quickly it was last time a helmet change happened (San Diego in '07) so I was just curious. Thanks.