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  1. The UHL was in serious flux in those years, and a uniform nightmare. Look at my home town team's debut jersey:
  2. One of my earliest memories of watching a full game was this playoff game at Shea...
  3. Looks good.
  4. Looking at the schedule, and what we already know, this just gets aesthetically worse with each week. I've already seen the Bills described as used Tampons this week. Next Week, the Jags get literally urinated on. Then the Bears will likely be all Orange and the Packers all green (At least there is a Historical basis for that one). Then we get the Lions looking like the Silver Surfer. Next is the Cardinals in all black, and probably Yellow Vikings. I'm guessing Pewter Buccaneers and Yellow Rams after that. Please make it stop.
  5. With the bridge behind the logo, I feel like this is getting somewhere.
  6. That 1st Expos iteration is the better of the 2. it has a bit of the 20th anniversary jersey feel to it:
  7. This fixes the 2 major problems they put themselves in last spring - the orange numbers on the brown jerseys, and the idiotic pant stripe. Good work.
  8. This is the team that this thread was truly created for.The worst thing Yzerman did when taking over was turning them into the Maple Leafs, jersey-wise. They desperately need black and silver back.
  9. No. Go over to Baseball Fever and they have some pictures from MLB games from the upper deck down the lines. You could not see big, big chunks of the field.
  10. Good work so far. My Observations: The current Orioles manager is extremely hostile to the orange pants. Try different pants and it will work. Keeping the Blue Jay to the side gives you a more modern look, rather than just copying the 80's jerseys. Stick with it. Threre's weird lines visible on the Red Sox ones.
  11. Thanks Harold. Have fun in your own private level of Hell.
  12. Nowhere near as bad as they could have been, but I see problems: The name on the pantsMonochrome OrangeMonochrome Brown (open season for wiseguy Steelers fans to say "Not only do you look're playing like....")The Brown jersey with orange numbers. They tried and failed with this 30 years ago and there isn't much difference in what they did this time around. Can they really say with a straight face that the new uniform is really better than this: ?
  13. Conrad's got it...but, then, Conrad's got everything.
  14. The Chargers just aren't a green team. period. The grey is a start, but it still does little for making the lightning bolts more distinctive. The ones on the shoulder are just meh. They need to pop.