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  1. The UHL was in serious flux in those years, and a uniform nightmare. Look at my home town team's debut jersey:
  2. One of my earliest memories of watching a full game was this playoff game at Shea...
  3. Looks good. MattD1972@yahoo.com
  4. Thanks Harold. Have fun in your own private level of Hell.
  5. As much as they are hated, does a Adidas sleeved basketball jersey template exist? Preferably PSD.
  6. The closest thing may have been Joe Rudi, Rollie Fingers and Vida Blue in 1976. Pics of Fingers have to be deep in this thread,but I couldn't find any good authentic pictures of Rudi with the Red Sox or Blue with the Yankees.
  7. The Mets had 2 different Hawaii natives do the same thing: Sid Fernandez and Benny Agbayani
  8. gettting very irritated at trolls ripping designs apart without anything really constructive on the concepts board. Get a life.

  9. The Jets found out what the Chargers knew for 2 years before cutting him - LT will run out of gas by week 12.
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