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  1. The negative space between the flags actually does (by intent) create an outline of North Carolina. Doesn't fix the glaring problems with the jersey, but it does make the geometry of the flags make a bit more sense.
  2. Carolina is not messing around. Whalers shirts on sale at PNC arena tonight.
  3. Well, Florida (and arguably Carolina and Philly, although the Flyers have had that red line for decades) is absolutely breaking the last clause of Rule 1.5. "There shall also be a line, twelve inches (12'') in width and red in color, drawn completely across the rink in center ice, parallel with the goal lines and continued vertically up the side of the boards, known as the “CENTER LINE.” This line shall contain regular interval markings of a uniform distinctive design, which will readily distinguish it from the two blue lines, the outer edges of which must be continuous. (Paint code PMS 186.)"
  4. The negative space gull between the L and S is absolutely delightful. Well done.
  5. An additional strike against Springfield as one of the relocation sites is that the MGM Casino is moving into town, and has already announced a partnership with the MassMutual Center (where the Falcons play) and has sponsored the Falcons since 2012. The partnership proposal states that MGM commits to an additional three-year sponsorship post-opening of the casino. That's not to say that such a proposal couldn't be transferred to an ECHL team, but it does give some insight as to why a lower attendance number is less of a worry in Springfield than in other places.
  6. From what I understand, the Checkers' move will also ensure a better selection of prime weekend dates, which is critical for the health and survival of any minor-league hockey team (particularly one that exists in a market with another major league winter sport). The city and club are sinking a bunch of money into renovations, and it's seen as a homecoming - it's the original Charlotte Coliseum that has been the home for hockey in Charlotte since the 50s.
  7. The Daytona set really needs a secondary logo with Danny Trejo's head as a part of it.
  8. It would still take a pretty serious donor to get D1 hockey up and running at UWM. The university's enrollment is down and many schools are running at huge deficits right now due to changes in the funding models at the state level and issues with how UWM is funded relative to other UW System schools. They also have an interim chancellor (making a hire very soon), so I'm not sure anything big will change in short order. I'd love to see it happen though.
  9. Yup, those boards are straight outta The Mall. WTIC-AM 1080, the Bradley Teletheater OTB near the airport, and SportsChannel New England.
  10. It is enforced on a per-game basis. Most teams, usually due to injury or an intentional rotation, have more than 2 alternative captains over the course of a season. There's also the no captain-three alternate possibility mentioned in the last line of the rule. But in any one given game, you can't have more than 1 C and 2 As on the ice, or 3 As.
  11. Jesus Christ. There comes a point where creativity needs to be cut off a bit. I'm fairly certain this is a violation of NHL Rule 6.1, as I don't consider the shoulder to be "a conspicuous position on the front of his sweater."
  12. If my memory serves, this was actually an AHL test (requested by the NHL) a few years ago. You'll notice the AHL on the boards. What was the blue line (now the yellow line) is also twice as wide, to allow for a little bit of wiggle room in crossing the line on offsides calls. It was roundly panned when they tested in the AHL preseason.
  13. So the Glendale council met last night to consider Renaissance's pitch for how they've found $9.5 million more in revenues to share to move the arena management subsidy from $6.5 million to $15 million. The response was, shall we say, underwhelming? Alvarez walked out. The important information is that there doesn't seem to be the momentum and will to get a vote on this before the NHL's benchmark date of 27 June. Who blinks first?
  14. The use of the orca-cracking-ice effect on the vapor trail of the comet is a nice touch.