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  1. The grey shadow of the text looks a bit weird. Apart from that: Great work!
  2. Like the new colors! However, the home and road jerseys aren't bad, don't get me wrong, but they could be a little bit more exciting. Love the third.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, @vtgco! I updated Sterzing and Pustertal.
  4. Thanks! The league logo will always be in B&W. Looks cleaner to me.
  5. Here's my take on the Alps Hockey League (AHL). Although the league is only three years old, it already felt outdated. So I updated the league's logo, along with a rebrand of the teams. I'm trying to keep as close to the original logos as I can. Starting with EC Bregenzerwald: Old logo: Thanks to @Pulv! for the great idea!
  6. I love European minor hockey and I love this series. Although there's a lot to improve, especially logo wise, it's still a great series. Keep 'em coming and keep getting better.
  7. Use the normal pentagon collar or maybe the round Winter Classic collar. It will help cleaning up the chest stripes.
  8. It's from yellowimages.com.
  9. What's up with the 123B in the logo?
  10. Except for the Cougars, these look so Minor League. But in a good way. I love it.
  11. Egypt (A1) vs. Spain (B2) Australia (C1) vs. Iceland (D2) Serbia (E1) vs. Sweden (F2) Panama (G1) vs. Columbia (H2) Saudi Arabia (A2) vs. Morocco (B1) - own matchup France (C2) vs. Argentina (D1) Switzerland (E2) vs. Mexico (F1) England (G2) vs. Senegal (H1)
  12. Being the host, they had no competetive matches in the past years (except for the Confed Cup), that's why they're so low on the FIFA rankings.
  13. Love this series - especially the 'outside the box thinking' on the jerseys. Always great to see some clean designs without horizontal stripes only.
  14. Group A own group Group B Morocco Spain Iran Portugal Group C France Australia Danmark Honduras Group D Argentina Nigeria Croatia Iceland Group E Serbia Switzerland Costa Rica Brazil Group F Mexico Sweden South Korea Germany Group G England Panama Tunisia USA Group H Senegal Poland Colombia Japan
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