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  1. Used the company's proprietary ranking algorithms in order to do that. It's kind of why its considered bad form for members of the casino staff to play the slots at that casino. Isn't the controversy about employees from one company winning games hosted by the other? So a Draft Kings employee takes his information and uses it to create lineups on Fan Duel knowing that it's essentially the same.
  2. I have of those and the Browns helmet has a plain orange sticker.
  3. Never met anyone that's been to Esquire Lounge or Jupiter's...
  4. I think this is the best the Rockets have ever looked and don't want them to rebrand anytime soon.
  5. That could be said for the Packers "G", Bears "C", Cubs, Indians "C", Yankees "NY", Dodgers "LA", and many others. All of those logos I just mentioned can be drawn by a child. None are special in any way. They are just generic scripts. Again, IMO the response has been an overreaction. There isn't much you can do with Clippers anyways. I don't see any lakes in the Lakers logo. That's a basic logo as well. Now is the new Clippers logo a great logo? Absolutely not! It's very plain and simple. But it is also nowhere near as bad as the cries have it to be. I'd argue that the Yankees and Dodgers (maybe Bears too, but the Reds logo is pretty much the same) have great logos regardless of the tradition behind them. You can have a great logo that can be drawn by a child. And the name Clippers gives you plenty to work with. You could, I don't know, put a clipper ship in the logo. Saying a couple curved lines represent the ocean isn't enough when designing a logo representative of the team name is so simple.
  6. Looks like November is derby month for Spurs: @ Arsenal West Ham Chelsea
  7. The Raptors won't look bad, but they'll probably look boring. This is a 90s team named after dinosaurs, they shouldn't have a simple uniform design. And I'm still disappointed that they ditched purple. Also, the new logo would make an amazing secondary paired with a full-bodied dinosaur as the primary. I really wish they went outside the box on these. For the record, I'm a big fan of the Cavs and Nets uniforms. Just don't think that style fits for the Raptors.
  8. And a good one for players in the wrong uniforms. Never knew that Toni Kukoc played for the Sixers.
  9. I think it's pretty cool. The Bulls have the same thing except they put it on their division champ banner.
  10. MLS will be fine. They'll probably just push the start date a month earlier and play in warm weather cities early. The 2022 World Cup being in the winter is the least of its problems.
  11. I think a run would have been a better call, but throwing there isn't the awful call a lot of people (not necessarily here) are making it out to be. The Seahawks were one of the best teams in the league in "power running" situations and the Patriots were one of the worst defending them. The 3rd-and-1 earlier should've been checked out of at the line. The Patriots were had that play defended perfectly and were going to stop it unless there was a missed tackle. Success from the 1 yard line statistically is pretty even between run and pass plays and with the time remaining the Seahawks had to throw it at least once. I think the specific pass call was what hurt the Seahawks. Getting Russell Wilson on the run seems like it would've been the best thing to do. It gives you the run/throw option and it's a lot easier to make the safe play and throw it away if there's nothing there.
  12. I guess the Cowboys aren't the only team in Texas to have worn a fustercluck of differently-shaded silvers. Haha that's true. I actually really like that helmet. It could work well with a team using a winter/cold weather-based nickname .That's the first thing I noticed too. I think the Cowboys would look really good with a helmet similar in color to this that matched their pants.
  13. Tough crap. The Patriots brought the increased scrutiny on themselves by cheating and repeatedly pushing the limits of the rules. If they don't like it, they shouldn't have cheated in the first place. I would not be surprised if the league makes the refs the fall guy and finds a way to avoid giving the Patriots a serious punishment, though. We all know how "great" Goodell has been at handling crises, after all. Why should the Patriots be seriously punished? The Panthers were caught on video heating up footballs on the sideline and weren't punished for it? We don't know at all if the Patriots even cheated. It's very possible that the balls the Patriots gave the refs to be tested were inflated right at (or even slightly below) the lower acceptable limit and the refs gave the okay because it was fine. Then these balls lost air because of the temperature change from the room they were tested in to the field. They're also going to lose air just from being used. Aaron Rodgers has said he gives overinflated balls to the refs before the game. Sometimes they take air out and sometimes they don't care and he gets away with it. Pushing the limits with footballs is just something that teams do. And the refs should absolutely take some of the blame. The ref okays the balls pregame and handles the ball every play.
  14. Can we wait until all the facts come out before everyone puts an asterisk next to this Super Bowl? Nobody knows what happened to cause the balls to be underinflated yet. But the Patriots will still probably get punished more than they should for this. The Panthers got caught heating up their footballs on the sideline earlier this season and didn't get punished at all.
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