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  1. I'm done. They decided to go with the worst possible option. How do they expect recruiting to go when these kids know the football coach won't be there when they're juniors? I honestly can't believe this was even considered a realistic option.
  2. Gold: 13 Silver: 16 Bronze: 14
  3. Gold: 17 Silver: 1 Bronze: 10
  4. Gold: 4 Silver: 15 Bronze: 10
  5. Gold: 12 Silver: 1 Bronze: 5 Honorable mentions to 14 and 6. I thought both were really good, but looked too old for the time period of the contest.
  6. Booooo. One of my favorite t-shirts is based off this uniform, but that's as far as this design should go. They don't need to be wearing gray uniforms, especially for homecoming where they should be in orange/blue/orange.
  7. Those are fine for a one time throwback, but I don't think the team would like having to replace the sticker on the front every single week.
  8. It's an upgrade, but that's not saying much. The two color logo is much better than the primary.
  9. Used the company's proprietary ranking algorithms in order to do that. It's kind of why its considered bad form for members of the casino staff to play the slots at that casino. Isn't the controversy about employees from one company winning games hosted by the other? So a Draft Kings employee takes his information and uses it to create lineups on Fan Duel knowing that it's essentially the same.
  10. Seconded. Especially when it's not especially clever. I'm glad the refs didn't call the penalty last night and let common sense rule. Chancellor made a great play that saved the game; Wright batting the ball was essentially immaterial because the ball was headed out anyway and no one could have stopped it. Sucks to be the Lions, but they also had their chance to win and didn't. The Seahawks need to get their act together on offense. It's looking dire our there and they can't rely on miracles forever. Also, Luke Willson kind of looks like he plays harder than Jimmy Graham. He was more noticeable at the end, anyway. That's what I've been saying all morning. It would've been far worse for the Seahawks to lose on that stupid technicality. It was inconsequential to the play and would've been a dreadful way to lose. After much thinking about it the rule is in place because if there's a fumble in the endzone they want both sides to have to complete an equal action, which is a fumble recovery. If an offensive player and a defensive player are both going for the same ball then it's much easier just to punch it than it is to jump on it and gain possession. That makes more sense. That creates another question - is it also illegal batting if there's a fumble within the regular 100 yards of play and an offensive player bats a fumble out of bounds and away from a defender to maintain possession? Wright said that he intentionally hit the ball out of the end zone because he didn't want to risk trying to recover it. I'd hardly call that inconsequential or a technicality considering the reason he hit the ball rather than letting it go or trying to pick it up is why that rule exists.
  11. As much as I dislike Harper and think he's a douche, that was clearly on Papelbon. While you can't tell what Harper said in response, Papelbon went straight after him. It looks like he said "I'll fight you right now"
  12. I agree with this. I have a feeling Price will be a Giant on Opening Day next year. I'm really liking the Cubs chances of landing Price.
  13. I have of those and the Browns helmet has a plain orange sticker.
  14. Never met anyone that's been to Esquire Lounge or Jupiter's...
  15. I got the rejection e-mail, but my dad got picked in the ticket lottery. I'll be going to my first playoff game if the Cubs win the wild card!
  16. Really?! Illinois should be Orange/Blue/Orange, IMO. It's a perfect look. Yeah, they said that in the tweet after the picture of the uniform combo. I knew Zook preferred white pants, but I was shocked it's only the second time in ten years they've worn orange pants with the blue jerseys.
  17. Finally! First time since 2010 and only the 2nd time since 2005 they've worn orange/blue/orange.