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  1. Why couldn't they put the ads at the front of the helmet where the numbers are?
  2. Why do the Islanders continue to :censored: the most basic things up?
  3. Anyone have any idea to what logo the Flames are going to have on the chest? The Flaming horse would just be a straight up throwback
  4. Almost all these numbers correspond when a particular jersey was released. I don't know why this is so hard for people NYR's Lady liberty debuted in 1996 Blues 90's jersey debuted in 1995
  5. Each year in that video is a date a jersey came out. The Canucks black/red 3rd jersey was released in 2001
  6. I don't get the slight backlash. The average NHL team wears the least amount of jerseys in the big 4. NFL teams only play 16 games, and several have a 4 jersey rotation. Yes, the NBA takes it WAY TOO FAR, but I doubt the NHL is going to accidentally do that. They didn't even allow the Flames to go full retro during the playoffs
  7. you'd have really hated the late 90's/early 2000's. It was something like 22/23 NHL teams with black or navy jerseys and 6/9 in the CFL
  8. Has anyone even confirmed it's their reverse retro? It could just be their 3rd jersey
  9. I am hoping we get a white version of the Oilers 3rd jersey from the 2000's Not going to lie, but would be hella excited if the Canucks could somehow make a white version of this
  10. Icethetics said every time is likely to have a reverse retro jersey that will wear once or twice against a specific rival. Judging by the two samples, a good chunk these reverse retro jerseys will be based on jerseys from the 90's. Makes sense, as 90's retro styles are in big demand right now
  11. This program existed in the 90's. The Ducks were the only one's to ever employ it. Here is hoping we see the white Lady Liberty jersey from the Rangers again
  12. Sens marketing team seems to know what they are doing. Sadly this means that Eugene Melnyk will likely fire them
  13. Unlike Vancouver, where fans more or less prefer the throwbacks, Flames games have nearly everyone wearing the Black C jerseys
  14. Flames website is completely in their retro colours if anyone cares. Pretty much confirms the switch
  15. Metlife doesn't actually paint anything. Their endzones are just removable turf. When they played at Giants stadium, they used to do the paint thing, but said it was just too much work full video here
  16. Rams jersey looked a LITTLE better on TV, but still a re-brand that reeks of people over thinking it.
  17. Also an SFU alumn. Promise most people at the school were unaware of the team's name. We're in last in nearly every men's sport and our women's teams are not exactly winning championships either
  18. I hope everything goes full circle and these are introduced as their 3rds and become their home jerseys again
  19. It looks like 99% of things you see on Behance. Sports marketing people don't use those colours and shadows on logos for a reason. If for any reason, sports execs are on this forum, hire people with experience in marketing a major league club.
  20. I really feel for their marketing team. Must be a constant uphill battle with the worst owner in North American sport
  21. Logos in the 90's that were hated have become so popular now. I always loved the RoboPen
  22. Washington Red Herring's. Their slogan can be "We're going to trick you"
  23. They're going to switch back to those full-time as soon as they can
  24. I am pretty sure manufacturers stopped using that shinny material because it couldn't breathe that well