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  1. Just picked up this rare piece of 90's MLS styling at a garage sale yesterday for $1 in like-new condition.
  2. Montclair does have a pretty solid set.
  3. I found some pairs of inline pants but they were all XL's, so I guess I should keep looking around. Since I play net, I do A LOT of sliding on the floor, and that is how I tore up the socks (which I thought would be a LITTLE more durable). Hopefully the nylon pants won't tear at all. What does your goalie wear? Well my goalie wears pads (we play in a league with a puck) and he wears light sweat pants under his pads. Does you league not allow pads? I don't see why they don't allow a cheap set of Mylec pads or cheap Reeboks, that equipment is designed for ball hockey, they're not thick like NHL pads. But if you have to stick to no pads, your best bet is just trying to pick up a pair of roller hockey pants. Hockey "socks" worn for ice hockey are going to tear up regardless if they are made of wool or EDGE material on wood floor.
  4. Any typical "roller hockey pant" should work fine. Reebok and Mission sell cheap pairs for about $25. They are made of lightweight, breathable material. I would check ebay, I grabbed a pair of $130 Eagle pants for $12 brand new. My school team has been practicing in our basketball court gym and nobody's pants have torn easily from falling. Hope that helps!
  5. Anyone know how the sizing is running for the soccer jerseys on Lightinthebox?
  6. Reminds me of the Sprite labeling in Europe.
  7. The G drink (I've been referring to Gatorade as that now) looks horrible. If they wanted to make a "recognizable logo" without a wordmark they could easily use the orange lightning bolt, instead they went with a goofy college letter looking thing. The Sierra Mist is kinda creepy looking, has an eerie toxic feel to it, I don't like it. MTN DEW eh, Mountain Dew always screamed gnarly 90's to me as a kid back then and now they've evolved from cheesy 90's to cheesy 2000's. Pepsi, I haven't decided if I like it yet, but all in all just an unnecessary change period for the entire brand. Also, unrelated (I think) to Pepsi, but Sunkist has a new logo as far as I'm concerned, it reminds me of an octopus.
  8. rob66

    NFL Playoffs

    Chargers-Cardinals...make it happen
  9. Here is yours Much Obliged good sir
  10. Yankees interlocking NY cap logo NY Giants helmet logo NY Rangers Liberty logo Please
  11. In case you haven't realized it yet, the NFL really likes making money. Anything they can get money off of they will sell. Those two look like knock-off Falcon and Giant jerseys too... Seems more Texans then Giants Yep, those are Texans jersey's How dare someone confuse "The Super Bowl Champs" with....the Texans. It's neither. If anything, it's a hybrid of the Texan's current with the Giant's previous. But it is just generic. I think I just saw that black one on a KFC commercial for the NFL
  12. Does anybody have the Rangers official logo sheet? I assume Lady Liberty is still part of the set, I saw a dude in class wearing a navy Lady Liberty jersey tee Edge style with the NHL shield on the front, and the Rangers still have the NYR decal on their helmets that goes with that logo. I hoping they bring it back but for some reason I feel like it will get the unnecessary piping treatment TB and Buffalo got.
  13. This is The Weagle, I know its been referred to as that around here, and I couldn't have possibly made up the nickname myself because I'm simply not creative enough.
  14. Fairly new logo but....Weagle
  15. It was only a matter of time till they introduced a black alt...I'm a fan of alts and I don't mind black even though it gets a bad rap for being overused because its so easy to do but STJ should have avoided the easy way and gone with something classic looking, I will admit the jersey looks sharp but that new wordmark is still complete garbage no matter what its paired with. Maybe they could have done something along the lines of what the Bucks (NBA) did by basically creating a retro jersey that never existed. Just anything to stray away from that sad excuse of an identity.