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  1. I'm not selling us short by a long shot. I tried to edit my post to add that if anyone could bring the NHL here, specifically relieving them of the Coyotes Quagmire, it would be Lazry and Edens. They are used to taking losses and turning profits. With the arena situation and Wiscos love of hockey it would be win win. If they owned both clubs and had 100% controlling interest in the arena, maybe taxpayers wouldn't have to foot too much of a bill, save for a luxury/travel tax. It can be done, YES! the logistics would all have to align. The problem would then be........Where do the Admirals go? Green Bay would be the easiest, most obvious solution. Have them affiliate with the Milwaukee team to create another Milwaukee-Fox Valley connection like the Brewers and Timber Rattlers.
  2. Agreed. That's why you have to put on it to attract Final Fours and other large indoor events. That's why Cleveland really screwed up not putting a dome on the Browns Stadium. Yeah, because when I think of a great site for really big events with global exposure, Cleveland comes immediately to mind... It's no worse than Indianapolis and San Antonio, which are to the Final Four what Miami and New Orleans are to the Super Bowl.
  3. Looking at the mock up here, I feel like there are two different teams going on here. The hat (which is beautiful) doesn't match up with the home jersey. It's like they are the Mariners farm club at home (minus the cap), half of a Mariners affiliate on the road (the navy with teal names and navy with red numbers don't work for me) and then the classic Rainiers in the alternate and BP jersey. Not sure what that BP hat is, but looks more appropriate for a team with a gold rush miner type theme. I wish they had either gone with full Mariners theme for home and road then the red alternate or all red and white (and navy too, if need be). As an M's fan, I would love to see a navy hat with a silver "R" outlined in teal if they are trying to do the Mariners thing. Also, looking at the team shop, I don't think the hats they have are the 2015 game hats. They have had multiple styles of the "R" hat online for a year or so now (and all their cool throwbacks). Also the way the 2015 BP hat is listed makes me think none of the "R" hats are Poly 5950s but rather wool customs they've had for a bit now. I agree... this would look much better in Mariners colors. I don't always like when minor league clubs piggyback off their parent clubs' identity, but Tacoma is still the same metro area and the Rainiers name is an homage to the classic Seattle PCL club. At most, I'd want an alt with the classic colors, but just an alt.
  4. Here he is as a Texan Yea, I probably should've posted these too, but I got lazy. In order to atone, I'll raise you Ahman Green, Omaha Knighthawk.
  5. I'm all for Milwaukee teams wearing cream, but I don't think it'd look good with lime green, which is what most Bucks fans want.
  6. I want graphics to be more of a representation of the DC artwork instead of Hollywood's interpretation. I went with the card theme because psychos aren't dealing with a full deck. Pardon the pun. Fair enough, but then I would try to simplify the card or the helmet design itself. Right now, you have way too much going on.
  7. I don't like the card on the helmet, but I can't think of what else you might try. Perhaps something like this? The Heath Ledger makeup is as iconic as anything else having to do with The Joker at this point. As far as the name, Arkham Psychos fits the theme of what you're doing here.
  8. Both Marquette (Al McGuire Center) and Georgetown (McDonough Gymnasium) do. And both qualify for this thread, as the McGuire Center clocks in at 3,700 capacity and McDonough at about 2,500. Marquette has shared its building with the Bucks since the 1970s, but they've at least played on their own floor since the late 90s. I never understood why St. John's and Villanova couldn't do the same thing. I suppose I can see the point in St. John's wanting to emphasize that their team plays in the World's Most Famous Arena™, but there's really no reason a program like Villanova shouldn't have its own floor by now.
  9. While I see your point, I rather like the fact that the template is so bland by today's standards, as it put the focus on the crest/logo, which is exactly the way it should be IMO. Also, this might be an unpopular opinion of my own, but I actually like the UCLA-style font for the Red Wings. Shame it was eliminated after one year.
  10. Right uniform, wrong number. Ahman Green returned to the Packers in 2009 wearing number 34 and became the team's all-time leading rusher.
  11. I'm surprised those were even legal with the NCAA. Are they considered white or navy jerseys? They weren't. That's why they were only worn for one year.
  12. The jerseys with the G in the stripes were introduced in 1984 and the pants are essentially what the Packers wear now, but 1988 was the only year they were worn together.
  13. I mean, if the AHL west is going to essentially act as its own league, why not... you know... just have two leagues. Personally, I'd go with three leagues, bring back the IHL, and have a CHL-style tournament to determine the overall champion.
  14. I like the Eagles' midnight green. If anything, I'd rather see the Jets switch back to kelly green so they, the Eagles, and the Packers would all have a unique shade of green.
  15. I played this matchup so many times on Madden ('95, I believe... the one where the Panthers and Jags were ridiculously powerful hidden teams) that this doesn't look weird to me.
  16. Yes. The amount of love this garbage gets is truly mind-boggling. The colour balance is horrendous - to have both jerseys completely devoid of one of your primary colours looks cheap and amateurishly inconsistent. The all-red jersey with the primarily blue helmet is comical; they look like a rec team who ordered their helmets, then found out money was tight and could afford only one colour on their jerseys. Then there's the fact that the jersey designs are completely different, which makes them look like two completely different teams. Again, horribly inconsistent. And that home jersey? Literally the only non-mandated design element is the "ny" under the collar, which is so short width-wise that is looks awkward. There's minimalist design (Colts), and then there's boring. This looks like the same rec team went "Shít! We can't even afford customized stripes, either!". This might be one of the worst looks in the entire league. The original road uniforms with that set were perfect. Every change they've made since then has been a massive downgrade.
  17. Pretty much how I feel about it. Still a nice looking jersey, though.
  18. This has been the Packers' alternate almost every year that Rodgers has been the starter... how is THAT a wrong uniform?
  19. I can tolerate the jersey version since the cap version would get lost in the pinstripes, but there's no reason the cap version shouldn't be used everywhere but there.
  20. I'd actually welcome an ECHL version of the Admirals at this point... the Nashville affiliation has made this team painfully unwatchable. At least the ECHL makes up for its lack of true NHL prospects with fights, which are pretty much the entire reason anyone outside of hardcore puckheads even care about minor league hockey.
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