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  1. The Port Huron Fighting Falcons (NAHL) are moving to Connellsville, PA, for the 2014-15 season. They will be renamed "Keystone Ice Miners". That's five hockey teams in Port Huron to either fold or relocate in 13 years. Attendance for the Falcons was almost non-existent (577 per game in a 3100-seat arena), so I'm not surprised they left. OTOH, I wouldn't be surprised if another team arrived in town before the summer's up.
  2. Pretty sure the Wings had a mascot back in the mid-1980s. I think it was called "The Winger". Basically a person dressed in a red bird costume with a Red Wings jersey on.
  3. I wouldn't do that. Not because of that "be a true fan/real fan and support your team" viewpoint, but considering how much replica jerseys cost anymore ($120-130), I couldn't bring myself to throw away that much money, no matter how frustrated I was.
  4. Peck won last night, 67-32, over Rapid River. It's the fourth year in a row the 8-man state title was won by a team in the North Central Thumb League. OTOH, Harbor Beach was blown out by Ishpeming, 44-10, today in Marquette.
  5. Two schools from my area (The Thumb of Michigan) are still alive in the playoffs: Peck and Harbor Beach. Harbor Beach is playing on Saturday in Marquette against Ishpeming. Peck will play tomorrow in the 8-Man Football State Final game in Greenville against Rapid River. I'm going to Peck's game, should be a good one.
  6. Really should have updated this a long time ago. Haven't been to a Komets game in nearly two years!

  7. IMO, Michigan's most significant championship is the 1968 Tigers. The legend of that team seems to grow with each passing year. For my hometown (Kingston, as Clifford hasn't even had a school since 1965), there are two teams that stick out: 1996 in football and 2007 in boys basketball. The 1996 Cardinals football team dominated the NCTL, going 9-0, won those games by at least 3 touchdowns, and came within one win of the state title game . The 2007 boys basketball team had one of most loaded lineups in the area, went 20-0, blew through districts, won regionals, but fell in the quarterfinals. For me, Flint's most significant championship was the 1995-96 Flint Generals. A 51-win team that lost only 3 games in the playoffs and won the city's first pro hockey championship in 12 years. Plus, it was during the height of the Generals' popularity.
  8. Lions won for the first time ever in Washington. The last time they beat the Redskins on the road, the Skins were still in Boston.
  9. Found this at the Caro Goodwill for $1.05.
  10. MLB 1. Detroit Tigers 2. None NFL 1. Detroit Lions 2. Pittsburgh Steelers NHL 1. Detroit Red Wings 2. Toronto Maple Leafs ECHL 1. Kalamazoo Wings 2. Fort Wayne Komets Junior Hockey 1. Port Huron Fighting Falcons (NAHL) 2. Saginaw Spirit (OHL) NCAA 1. Central Michigan Chippewas 2. Michigan Wolverines
  11. Anaheim--Alternate becomes new home jersey, white version designed for road Boston--Winter Classic jersey becomes new alternate, leave the other two alone. Buffalo--Lose the pit stains and the needless piping Calgary--Pre-edge set Carolina--The set from a few days ago Chicago--Bring back the throwbacks from 1991-94 (barber pole jerseys), leave the others alone. Colorado--Pre-edge set Columbus--Leave 'em alone, ditch the alternate Dallas--Black outlines on the numbers, add silver to the jerseys. Other than that, leave 'em alone. Detroit--Leave 'em alone Edmonton--Leave 'em alone Florida--Pre-edge set Los Angeles--1980-88 road jerseys as alternate, leave the other two alone. Minnesota--Pre-edge set Montreal--Bring back the 1944-47 home jerseys as alternates, leave the others alone Nashville--Leave 'em alone New Jersey--Leave 'em alone New York Islanders--Burn the alternates and dump the ashes in the Atlantic. Design an orange alternate based on this for the move to Brooklyn. New York Rangers--Bring back the Lady Liberty blue jerseys as alternates Ottawa--1997-99 set with current alternate Philadelphia--Leave 'em alone, no black alternates! Phoenix--(If they must stay in Phoenix) Hem stripes to both jerseys Pittsburgh--Pre-edge jerseys with 1988-92 black jersey as alternate St. Louis--1979-84 jerseys with current alternate San Jose--Pre-edge jerseys Tampa Bay--Current alternate jersey with 2007-11 logo for home, white version of that for road. Burn the current "Tampa Bay Maple Wings" set. Toronto--Switch the current logo with the classic 35-point Leaf logo. Other than that, leave 'em alone. Vancouver--Current alternate as home jersey, white version for road, green alternate with Johnny Canuck logo on the front. Washington--Modern version of the retro jersey. Winnipeg--Add 1978-79 WHA Jets road jersey as alternate, leave the others alone.
  12. Steve Yzerman did something similar when the Wings went to the Finals. Just pick up the trophy, raise it up without celebrating, then skate away with it.
  13. Barcelona Dragons! Mariners in the teal! It's like 1995 in that bunch. Purple Arizona Diamondbacks (pre D-bags...I mean D-Backs ) too, looks like.
  14. IIRC, this "tradition" has only been around since the mid '90s. I believe it was Lindros who started it. Don't remember it back then, but it really has caught on the past couple years. Don't need to skate the Campbell Cup/Prince of Wales Trophy around like the Stanley Cup, but avoiding them like the plague is stupid, IMO.
  15. I wish one year a captain would pick up the conference championship trophy and end this stupid "Don't touch that trophy because it's bad luck" fad.
  16. I like the first one and the fourth one on the top row. The first one in the second row reminds me of the Lapeer Loggers.
  17. We could have the Leafs and Islanders in the playoffs and the Wings out of it. VERY weird season.
  18. Been a Leafs fan since 1993. I was in my fourth year at CMU the last time the Leafs were in the playoffs. So glad that streak is over. GO LEAFS GO!
  19. That's what I voted for too. Seriously, this is nothing but a joke around here (here being Brampton where I live) I doubt they will draw numbers even close to the Battalion's sad numbers. I've received a couple phone calls from the CeHL team asking me if I wanted season tickets. One on my cell, one at work. The funny part is I answered both calls and said "no" both times. Guess they didn't figure out that it was the same person they called at those 2 different numbers. Anyhow none of these names have anything to do with Brampton, the team is located far away from all the current teams and, I can just see this failing after 1 season. The city would be better off leveling the arena and just adding more community rinks. I'm surprised the classic generic nicknames like "Eagles" and "Warriors" weren't options either. I saw a couple Central League games in Fort Wayne the last two years. From what I saw of it, I liked it, but it's definitely a couple steps back from the OHL Then again, I grew up watching the Colonial/United Hockey League, so maybe my expectations are a bit low, lol. When your closest opponent (Bloomington) is over 500 miles away, the travel costs will pile up in a heartbeat. The ECHL, IMO, would have been a much better fit (teams in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York) for a pro league.
  20. I voted for "Arrows", but definitely thought the choices were uninspiring. I was surprised when I saw this post. Brampton's pretty much isolated from the rest of the CHL. That will make for long road trips.