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  1. I remade a Flint Generals/Montreal Canadiens mix I made a year ago, this time using Flint's current colors. I just finished it, again using MSPaint.
  2. The Gens did update their colors for the 2001-2002 season, switching to darker blue and gold (like my avatar). Didn't think they would look that great with my concept. Or, maybe they would........
  3. I'm loving some of these ideas for Flint. I've been a die-hard Generals fan from day one. Here is one of my Flint Generals concepts (I used MSPaint, btw. I can't afford a fancy graphics program): I used the original Flint Generals colors and the striping for the Montreal Canadiens road unis. Don't know why I used those particular stripes, guess I just wondered what it would look like. I couldn't part with the strange-looking G logo. Sure, it's odd looking, but it's part of Flint's hockey heritage, dating back to 1969.
  4. I like this alternate concept for the Stars. Much better than Dallas' current alternates.
  5. Excellent-looking jerseys. I like the harpoon on the side of the pants too. PS: I'm a new member.