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  1. I saw Saad play in Saginaw during the playoffs. The guy was pretty much a step above everyone else against Sarnia and London. He's going to be a good one.
  2. What's a thread about hockey fights and brawls without footage from the Colonial Hockey League? :hockeysmiley: Muskegon Fury at Flint Generals (1995-96 season) Watch for the Generals' Jodi Murphy to dive head-first in to the Fury bench to set it off. :blink:
  3. Mitchell and Ness Bill Laimbeer Pistons jersey, size 52 (2XL)--$59.99. Found this at the TJ Maxx in Flint, in the strip mall next to the IMA Sports Arena.
  4. Nice jerseys, but I think I'll pass on this one. OTOH, I did buy a Dayton Gems home jersey when those were 50% off.
  5. My family went to Harleysville, PA to move my brother into his new apartment this week. After we unpacked, we did some shopping, and, as you can see, I found quite a bit From Ross in Lansdale and Philadelphia: St. Louis Cardinals World Champs hat (OSFM) Florida Marlins batting practice hat (M/L, though it fits me perfectly) Florida Marlins New Era hat (7 1/2) Pitt Panthers authentic basketball jersey (XXL) Pitt Panthers Pro Combat authentic football jersey (XXL) New York Mets T-Shirt (XXL) From 2nd Avenue Thrift Store: Michael Vick Falcons jersey (XXL) Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey (XL) Marques Colston Saints jersey (Kids XL) Thrift Store in Lansdale: 1980s Washington Capitals pennant Saskatchewan Roughriders green jersey (Kids XL) Several 1980s Flyers programs Temple vs. Penn State 1981 program Kelvin Bryant Philadelphia Stars poster (still in original wrapping)
  6. I prefer this picture, as it sums up Brandon Inge's ability at the plate: This bum Brandon CrInge hit .197 last year, was replaced twice in a six-month span (by Wilson Betemit and Miguel Cabrera) and is currently hitting a whopping .184. Yet I have a sick feeling that he'll be on the opening day roster ahead of more deserving players like Danny Worth and Ryan Raburn. I've said this a million times: Every other MLB team would have cut him loose years ago, or at least after the Betemit trade. Why CrInge is so beloved and gets so many second chances is beyond me.
  7. CMUBrent

    randyc's NHL

    This is what the Kings should be wearing right now. I like their current jerseys, but don't care for the pencil tip logo (which I think would be much better as a shoulder logo).
  8. I've been looking for a Rangers "Lady Liberty" jersey (preferably the blue version) lately. Thought I found one at, but they were all out.
  9. My brother and I each ordered one on the 24th and they arrived on the following Friday.
  10. Hopefully Dallas will get a total overhaul. Their current unis are beyond bland.
  11. My Islanders jersey (a road jersey, btw) arrived today.
  12. I also got the email saying the jersey has been shipped! Mine came to $32 after shipping to Canada and taxes. I also got a shipping email. Can't beat saving $102.
  13. Looks like the premier jerseys are still there.
  14. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath that that jersey will arrive. Might as well try though.
  15. Not just the third jersey, but the home and road jerseys are that cheap too. I ordered a road jersey and the total price (including shipping) was about $18.96.
  16. Four new banners at Wings Stadium this year. Two banners for the Canucks and Devils, a Northern Division Champions banner and an Eastern Conference Champions banner. BTW, it took about half of the first period to unroll the championship banners!
  17. Well, that's definitely a candidate for "Worst Jersey in the NHL".
  18. A few minor league rafter banners: 1. McMorran Arena in Port Huron Here are the Silver Stick Tournament Banners that hang up in the east endzone: Here are retired/honored numbers from the original Port Huron Flags: (These were retired by the Border Cats, Beacons, Flags II and Icehawks, but I believe are just honored numbers with the Fighting Falcons. I'd like to see banners for the Flags' 3 Turner Cups, but I'm glad they kept the numbers up.) 2. Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo Championship Banners (2 Turner Cups, 1 Colonial Cup), affiliate banners, and various division/conference title banners in the corner. 3. Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne Retired Numbers and Turner Cup Banner:
  19. Michigan has numbers on their helmets tonight. Thought that was just for the Notre Dame game...
  20. Great way to end the game, with Valverde striking out Mr. June himself, Alex Rodriguez (because, unlike Reggie Jackson, A-Rod always disappears in October). The Death Star has been destroyed, BRING ON THE RANGERS!
  21. Tony Romo handed that game to Detroit on a silver platter. :shocked: 4-0 for the Lions, first time since 1980. Hopefully they don't let it go to their heads like the '80 Lions did.
  22. Not too bad, but still pales in comparison to this beauty:
  23. He's playing behind three Honolulu Blue pylons (Jeff Sackus, Dominated Raiola and Stephanie Peterman) and Grimace from McDonalds (aka Gosder Cherilus). It was bound to happen. Nice TD pass though.
  24. Who is this football team and what have they done with my laughable Detroit Lions?! :blink: Stafford has looked sharp in both games and that defense beat up the Chiefs all game long. Hopefully the days of the Lions being the best comedy show on FOX are over. I did, however, hold my breath when Jeff Sackus let another block loose that blindsided Stafford in the second quarter. 2-0, Vikings up next. :D
  25. Notre Dame Hype strikes again. They do have some talent on that team, but not enough to be ranked. Unless it's "Same Old Spartans", the Fumbling Irish should be 0-3 next week.