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  1. It's clear to me the Marlins set was only reviewed up close in an LED lit office. It's odd because I hated the Loria set but it was far superior
  2. The leak is a horrendous uniform set. Really zero redeeming quality, especially in comparison to the prior set (absent the green shading issues)
  3. An utter disaster, the gold is being expanded at the epense of one of the all-time great throwbacks. Mushy mouth Dave St. Peter is the worst, an organization dedicated to stadium upgrades and expanding the portfolio of awful uniforms.
  4. Heavy minor league feel to it all. Maybe my least favorite identity for the Marlins.
  5. Incredible, so far superior to anything OKC has ever worn.
  6. You mean the Capital One stink? At least he was a Wolves fan, and very close with Kevin Garnett's brother in-law.
  7. Love the MPLS on the shorts. So much better than last year's.
  8. Is any state shape worse than NJ for a standalone helmet decal?
  9. I think they should explore moving the new NY to primary status. There's something so clean and effective.
  10. SCL

    NHL 2018-19

    The eyes are crazy, the Michael Jackson nose is scary.
  11. Terrific unis, some of Adidas best work.
  12. Even as a Wild fan I have to say I really love these 3rds, a great script with such a clean and bold jersey design.
  13. The fact they are a 74 year old team makes it worse. Has a wordmark on the pants of another team ever been that large?
  14. An ugly mess from my point of view. The shoulder yokes, numbers and black primary make this a flaming turd.
  15. CFB clearly needs more notches