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  1. The white with blue is one of the single worst looks in the NHL, just atrocious.
  2. Was the ABC logo were the b and c were combined never a main logo?
  3. Just ad insanity, large top and bottom ads, in-line ads, scrolling ads; it's making it unfeasible as a user and inhibits discussion flow.
  4. One thing I can't understand is why Crew is considered un-European, they're are plenty of clubs with nicknames in the name in Europe. You have Hotspur, Wanderers, Rovers, Rangers, Argyle, ect.
  5. The new identity: get outraged by the name change only to eventually figure out how awful the logo is.
  6. Unpopular Opinion: Flag elements in sports identities have reached oversaturation.
  7. Agreed on the logo, Crew is a great name and holds alot historically to the MLS. Removing Crew is an extremely short sighted decision.
  8. That new crest is hot garbage and so was the previous, just less so.
  9. Not a fan of the yellow in the same way I don't like gold with the Twins. The Saints new unis are far to busy now and the number font is atrocious.
  10. That's what it feels like to me, I think the execution ends up feeling unfinished in this case.
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