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  1. Shimmery pants far superior for 49ers.
  2. The Nike speak is going to be incredible. Not sure why the Chargers and Rams need to merge into one identity. Rams should be Royal and Athletic Gold while the Chargers in Powder Blue and Yellow.
  3. Bring back that lettering Knicks.
  4. The badge remains terribly generic, 3 years later it could still be confused for any other US sports national organization. My preference was to keep the previous badge shape while cleaning up the elements inside (stars, stripes and typface), as the previous logo still remains clearly identifiable with US Soccer.
  5. An iconic brand like the Knicks need only win.
  6. I can't foresee any scenario whereby Indianapolis is granted an NHL team.
  7. Cougars would be Bobcats bad plus the UW crowd would be alientated. Give me Sockeyes.
  8. Will Sacramento be keeping their crest when they move up? If so that would be a great decision.
  9. White panel hat please.
  10. Just bring these back already
  11. Like the kit, hate the grandfather wall clock logo.
  12. I wish the Vikes would got white over white again occasionally.
  13. Agreed, the current set is a jumbled mess compared with the consistency across the Kobe era unis. At least we still have the Heat.
  14. Agreed, lose the side panel and straighten the pants stripe and you've got a nearly perfect set.
  15. Of all the old NFL wordmarks this one is one of my least favorites, much prefer the current.