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  1. Great set choice for the Gophers, yet another reminder that they should always be in gold pants with the exception of gold jersey games.
  2. This look is hot garbage, I have no idea what the attempt was. It manages to be worse than both the championship uniforms and the ones they just retired.
  3. The NFL is so "wussified" the XFL commisioner's son retired far too early.
  4. I'll take the white facemask every day
  5. Lots of players wearing tinted Oakley eye shields in the Vikes v. Saints game. Are they now allowed more widely? Previously they were only allowed for specific eye conditions.
  6. I hope they never change, the Panther's set is a modern classic.
  7. The Marlins are a mess from a brand identity standpoint and it all started with the rebrand when they opened the new stadium. The franchise has two fairly recent World Series wins but has somehow managed to erase those memories with two atrocious rebrands. For a natoriously fickle fanbase why would you not call upon the identity of two World Series victories as a selling point?
  8. SCL

    Sears new logo

    Eddie would owe all the pensions if they closed their doors today, which is why he's slow rolling it while sucking every last dime out of the company in the meantime.
  9. The current Dolphins logo may be the worst of either set, just an atrocious logo.
  10. They grey stripes look so generic, MNUFC and Adidas need to work out an agreement on a return of the wing. If my son's cheap Target jersey and my Allianz Field jacket can have a wing then the grey kit should be able to.
  11. It's clear to me the Marlins set was only reviewed up close in an LED lit office. It's odd because I hated the Loria set but it was far superior
  12. The leak is a horrendous uniform set. Really zero redeeming quality, especially in comparison to the prior set (absent the green shading issues)
  13. An utter disaster, the gold is being expanded at the epense of one of the all-time great throwbacks. Mushy mouth Dave St. Peter is the worst, an organization dedicated to stadium upgrades and expanding the portfolio of awful uniforms.
  14. Heavy minor league feel to it all. Maybe my least favorite identity for the Marlins.