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  1. Simply an atrocious logo. It looks more minor league that other St Louis minor league soccer teams.
  2. Every update to A&M looks great with the exception of the sleeve stripe removal.
  3. If you have a great nickname you should probably keep it.
  4. Atrocious names but great branding. This branding with Sockeyes would've been nearly perfect.
  5. You've got to find a way to keep a cleaned up version of the old font on the new logo.
  6. Instead of Atlanta the red and white unis should have ATL, instant national recognizability and cool cred.
  7. There will be a crown in the middle.
  8. I wonder what nickname might organically result....
  9. Charlotte Crown FC is the best option.
  10. People call for no nickname in these situations all the time, see North Dakota, but in the end people and organizations want to avoid being perceived as petulant and ultimately understand that no nickname is nothing more than an open invitation to fill in the blank. Excited to see Washington move on with a new nickname.