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  1. Just a terrific jersey, a Chargers style upgrade if it comes to fruition.
  2. The new logo actually aligns well with the last Sonics logo, while the prior Storm logo aligned with the 90's Sonics logo.
  3. Shark are to the NHL as the Jaguars are to the NFL.
  4. Good first step, now pull a Bucs and return to this uniform.
  5. As long as they are bad roll with the current set (Kotite lite), after that back to the Namath/Vinny/Sanchez era throwbacks.
  6. The unique logos were an important identifier of the importance of the Super Bowl and provided guide post in remembering past SB's. There is zero reason to apply the Larry O'Brien trophy treatment to the NFL, the SB is a level above and beyond the rest of American sports and should be treated as such.
  7. Skechers could be an interesting player if they wanted to expand further, in recent years they have expanded into running and soccer.
  8. Can't the Avs paint these helmets like the NFL does? Players rocking royal blue looks worse than black.
  9. I'm glad the ads will only be temporary! \s
  10. Interesting take here when this specific nickname was dropped by Stanford 48 years ago.
  11. Return to Spiders and take a year to develop an alternate logo/modify uniforms.
  12. It will be nice to see UCLA in Nike for once but I thought UA did a great job with their football uniforms.
  13. Worst jersey in NFL history, I had the privilege of watching the Vikings lose that game in OT at the Metrodome.
  14. The fact that the NBA's premier franchise has Wish as a jersey sponsor is just unfathomable.
  15. Terrific overall, I'd argue it's better than the original. Blasty is busy as is, eliminating the excess red gives the set a cleaner look. File this one in reverse retros that need to become fulltime alternates.
  16. I think we have enough of the Red Wing template.
  17. The Celtics looks odd until you Google Celtics Championship Banner.
  18. The Coyotes purple is such an improvement on the green. Dallas looks utterly atrocious.
  19. Someone at Adidas deserves a raise.
  20. It's actually a fetal heartbeat, the mooterus is returning!
  21. Using the B1G is a great move and elevates the network branding.
  22. I seem to be in the minority but I am a huge fan of the new unis, especially if red and black have to remain.
  23. Today I learned Gary Payton played in the Finals for the Lakers.