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  1. I would like a Montreal one... with Komisarek on it. Thanks !
  2. You should do the back man, with numbers and font. Those are great !
  3. Being a huge fan of the CH, i must say that ur concept isnt an improvement of the current jersey... The globe doesnt fit as the primary logo, but maybe as a shoulder patch. Plus, the retro style would be better as an alternate. To me, "the RBK Edge" means modern, not retro. And knowing that the habs uniform just CANT be changed (we understand that this jersey is one of the most recognized symbol in SPORTS history), it cant be modernized a lot. So doing a reasonable concept of the Habs is really though to make !!! But it stays a concept so you can have fun doing whatever you want
  4. Man, could you please send your template there : Templates Section of the board No need to send it to everybody, it will be uploaded on the thread !! I suppose many people want it so it would be so great !!
  5. Hey John, thats a great job ! I have to say that u got art talent man. By the way, i saw ur work on the buffalo sabres new design (u called it blue and gold project i think). We all know that the buffaslug won, but i still think that ur concept was waayyy better. Your modernized logos were so great, and the site was very professionnal. Continue ur great work and im sure that you'll be recognized for it soon. For those who doesnt know what im talking about, type "John Slabyk blue and gold" in google u should find his concept !! EDIT : Lol the link is in JB sign !!!
  6. I would like a PNG (or just ms paint) at Thanks for your time man, thats appreciated u know.
  7. MAN. I just got of the line with Bettman. You are the new NHL Super Master designer. Here's the reason he's not moving some teams in Canada, he was saving for ur services ! Seriously man, those concepts (particularly Ottawa and Atlanta) are AWESOME. They own the current ones. and the logos rock ! I cant wait to see the other teams !!! Just one thing : its too bad these concepts wont get farther than this board. Thats ART man. Lol
  8. You should put the secondary logo as a should patch ! I cant wait to see a third jersey ! Nice job man
  9. T'as raison... J'ai fais une dernière ptite retouche et maintenant j'vais travailler sur le 3rd jersey avec l'écussion comme primay logo. ----- Your right... How about this little modification ? This is probably my last try, now i'll work on the 3rd jersey with the shoulder patch as primary logo !!! And thanks for all ur comments guys ! I suggest you to do a concept of your college hockey team that would be cool and original, im kind of bored of the 100000 caps concepts lol. Anyway here the little modification to the logo :
  10. Okay guys, I tried it with the original shoulder patch logo (the kind of shield) as primary logo but the color are differents so it looks bad. But I'll do a 3rd jersey with it soon. Personnally, I like the LAVAL script at the bottom, but i tried 24 Hour Charleston's idea about placing it above the logo. And I know that the shoulder patch doesnt have the same color but its the primary symbol of the University and i dont think that a small patch like this with not so different colors would look bad. I even like it so I kept it. So tell me what you think about that little change. Oh and sorry for my english sometimes lol.
  11. Merci ! Ouais c'est une bonne idée, si j'ai le temps je pourrai essayer mais je dois avouer que je ne suis pas trè bon pour modifier les logos, si ca te tente et tu as le temps tu peux le faire ! Si le résultat est bon je l'essayerai sur le jersey. I need more explanations... What aspect/part/object/thing of the jersey you think i should remove ? I never seen the logo "du Collège Militaire de St-Jean", but the primary logo is used in the UL's football program and i though it was modern compared to the secondary logo (the shoulder patch). But I agree, the second one is classy I want to a 3rd one with. But I'll switch the logos just to see if its better, and if it is I'll post it. I wanted to do concepts about Quebec Universities, like Sherbrooke, McGill, etc... But I'll take a look on your Vikes and I'll see what I can do !!! Thanks for all your comments guys, thats appreciated ! I'll work on the jerseys today or tomorrow, cuz' i'm a little busy at school. Et merci les québécois pour vos commentaires en francais, ca fais toujours du bien de vous entendre !! Sam
  12. Here it is... I pretty sure that there is actually no official hockey team in this university but anyways... I've been accepted and I going there next year so I tried to do something nice. All sports teams of UL (Université Laval) are called " Le Rouge et Or " which means : The Red and Gold. Tell me what ya think about it. Oh and you may know about the UL's football team, they won the Vanier's Cup last year. *** LOOK DOWN FOR UPDATES *** HOME JERSEY AWAY JERSEY I'm working on the third one. Maybe I'll finish it. C & C please.
  13. These is no necessary for requests guys, you probably can make those by yourself ! Delayed_Penalty takes the jerseys on, like he said. You put them together, add script and the work is done.
  14. Thats great man ! Really clean, lots of detail I like those ! Its making me think about the last game of the season MTL vs TOR, about which team makes playoffs, a crazy game ! Unfortunalety, Ryder's hat trick wasnt sufficient enough... :S EDIT : Ok I see you took the jersey on the site you mentionned... but its nice anyway
  15. Thx for ur time man ! Continue ur good work.