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  1. I can now confirm the Canadiens will have numerous third jerseys next season... also a bran new third for team canada a the worlds...
  2. hey i've already sold a couple... they also came from nike canada with the 1976 throwbacks which are amazing!
  3. THANK YOU! You have supported two things I have been saying, such as the Edge jerseys won't disappear next season and the fact that the OHL/CHL won't have edge jerseys until 09/10. You totally made my night with this support!! your welcome!
  4. There has been numerous rumours out there that RBK's contract was for this season only... just wanted to confirm with everyone that is very false... Reebok signed a ten year deal year before the lockout and the lockout added a year to their contract... they are here to stay people... They are now currently redesigning the CHL teams and they are scheduled to launch in the 2009/2010 season... this coming straight from a RBK rep for all of ontario... 18 teams have commited and will have third jerseys next season... no more... yes leafs are one of them... The following teams have confirmed the addition of third jerseys... Chicago Blackhawks St. Louis Blues Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks Pheonix Coyotes Philadelphia Flyers Carolina Hurricanes New York Islanders Los Angeles Kings Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs Edmonton Oilers Buffalo Sabres Ottawa Senators San Jose Sharks Dallas Stars Atlanta Thrashers Minnesota Wild let the speculation begin...
  5. Anyone take the chance to vectorize this beauty?
  6. ReLyT

    Biron Mask

    Should definitly offer this design upto Adam Dennis...
  7. Flashy bright green jerseys for Harlemworld... M A dollar sign E... lol
  8. ReLyT

    *NEW* Sigs v.II

    Chicago Blackhawks New York Giants Toronto Blue Jays London Knights Philadelphia Flyers thanks in advance!
  9. pictures of the hat dont work...
  10. New York Giants: Back to red stripe helmet Blue Jays: I don't mind the new set, but maybe wear the vintage jerseys from time to time Chicago Blackhawks: Some of the names on the back...
  11. ReLyT

    MS Society...

    no one has an opinion on this logo?
  12. Alright everyone im looking for some opinions... im doing a logo for the ms society, they have a fundraiser with the western mustangs (university football) and they wanted it 'Tackle MS with the Western Mustangs" and i made this... just asking your opinion... Thanks in advance for your responses...