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  1. Back to Buffalo for a second . . . after the NHL Scouting Combine, the ice was re-installed on KeyBank Rink at HARBORCENTER. In the past, a generic building logo has been used as the center ice logo. There's something a little different this time around.
  2. Meanwhile, in the Atlantic Hockey Association, Canisius College has unveiled new sweaters for the upcoming season (click on the Tweet and the next one will show the road sweaters:
  3. Is that the Buffalo Sabres' old black & red jersey nameplate font?
  4. The men's club hockey team has been on point recently. This is their look since last year (basically took on Air Force's look):
  5. A few years ago, I did some NHL-themed liveries for my NASCAR Racing 4 computer game. Anaheim: Buffalo: Columbus: Thoughts?
  6. I think these are loads better than the new 'Empire Gold' plates. I also like that you're putting the county name on the plates (it made me smile to see an Orleans County plate). However, with the current location of the county name . . . . what happens when you get a longer county name (like Jefferson)?
  7. Folks, maybe it's just me, but that looks an awful lot like the Thrashers' number font. Here's a picture to illustrate: We'll know more once we see some more numbers. EDIT: On second thought, maybe it looks more like the Ducks' font, as many people here have stated:
  8. This is some damn fine work! Ten bells! One suggestion I have is to add the Sabres' new third jersey script logo (in both the vintage white & vintage blue text): (For the "vintage blue", use the blue color of the posted logo for the text, with a white background.) Once again, awesome work!
  9. It looks to me like the Sabres' "slug" jersey cut from '08-'10. I don't believe that style of jersey template is currently worn in the NHL. Regarding the Sabres concept itself, I'm a fan of the darker blue, but this is really nice as well. The only suggestion I have is to put the "B-sabre" secondary logo on the shoulders of the home and away jerseys. It's arguably the second strongest logo the Sabres have had. Simple, and to the point. (No pun intended.)
  10. I'm getting a string that reads: "AccessDeniedAccess Denied", with a bunch of alphanumeric characters afterward.
  11. I'm digging this Rangers concept! Had you considered adding the liberty head to one or both of the shoulders of the regular home & away jerseys?
  12. Wow, awesome! Here's my requests (only 2): Team: Buffalo Sabres Logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/images/logos/1/4/full/i40oxcdbo7xtfamqqhqachoyo.gif Main Color: Blue (the blue in the logo) Players: Ryan Miller, Tyler Myers -- Team: Buffalo Sabres Logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/images/logos/1/4/full/4ggefpg5rwe9nk1ehixgmu73b.gif Main Color: Blue (the royal blue instead of the dark blue) Players: Ryan Miller, Tyler Myers Thanks a ton!
  13. Yep That is because the Slug is still alive and well as a secondary logo along with all the logos from the 2006 rebrand. You would think that after all the negative backlash and all the headaches involved with rebranding that they would at least have the sense to bury the damn thing for good... But then again this the Buffalo Sabres were talking about, an organization clueless to the point where it actually uses VCR's to scout players. Maybe we were expecting too much... I'd say the Sabres have drafted pretty well over the past few years: Myers, Ennis, Adam, Kassian, Enroth. But, yes, Larry Quinn is clueless about burying the slug.
  14. You know, that actually looks really good. Always knew the Buffaslug would work better for football. Slap that on a Bills helmet and let's see how she looks.
  15. Best-looking game in the NHL happens tonight in Buffalo - the Sabres are wearing their new whites and Montreal's wearing their reds to commemorate the Sabres' 40th anniversary of their first home game.
  16. Prove it. TTI: http://tti.tamu.edu/publications/catalog/record_detail.htm?id=28383 http://tti.tamu.edu/publications/catalog/record_detail.htm?id=28382 I found nothing at Penn State: (http://www.pti.psu.edu/researchReports) http://clearviewhwy.com/ResearchAndDesign/ http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/res-ia_clearview_font.htm'>http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/res-ia_clearview_font.htm Wow. Dunno where I got Penn State from. Now, I just found this on the website for the FHWA's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices: (http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/)
  17. NoHoJoe: Penn State University and the Texas Transportation Institute did a lot of the research. RyanB06: Nowhere in there does it state that the new signage must be in Clearview.
  18. I'm usually with you politically, but this is kinda silly. If research shows that that this is better, fine...replace it through attrition. Every sign should be grandfathered and replaced on the normal cycle (whatever that is). Making cities do this, even on a 15 year timetable, seems silly and wasteful. This is the New York Post, which exists for literate Fox viewers, and I am sure that some of that $27 million would have been spent on signs that needed replacing. Nevertheless, I have a hard time believing there is any reason to replace these signs through anything other than nutrition. This is why people hate government. And, while I think their black-and-white views are off, this is why I get it. Research does say it's safer, at least on highway signs. They figured out the number of milliseconds it takes to read different typefaces, and equate that to time your eyes aren't on the road. Every millisecond counts. Not sure that it's necessary on little street signs, though - thought it was just highways. There's a good thread somewhere on these boards about this Clearview font. Many states have been updating to this font over the past few years, so it's not a new thing. Not sure about NY's situation, but I doubt this was a spur of the moment or frivilous expendature. Horrible move. NYC's street signs are iconic. This is just another waste of money we don't have. And, more to the point of this board, that rendition of Clearview (it's gotta be 2-W) is disgusting.
  19. It seems we've all been had, friends - LuGER over at the EA forums has confirmed that this photo is a fake.
  20. Looks like that piping's blue to me, S&R. I'm not that miffed about it - there had to be a concession to the EDGE designs, I guess. Better that than a slug. Thank God that's gone.
  21. Perfection. I want one, Miller or Myers on the back.
  22. He's using NCAA TeamBuilder, available on the EA Sports website.
  23. That Anaheim one actually looks pretty darn good, for that EDGE template. The Buffalo one is awesome-looking - aside from "Pominville", lol. I think the Sabres' "1970" logo there is going to be underneath & to the right of the script, and a bit bigger. Can't wait until they're all unveiled.
  24. You mean like 'Slap Shot'?