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  1. Third parties can move very quickly to make merchandise in order to strike while the iron is hot. I remember having a Baltimore Browns t-shirt when I was younger, and there was only a three-month window between the announcement that the Browns were moving to Baltimore, and the announcement that the Browns name was going to stay in Cleveland. I believe it was also about a three-month period between the time that the sale to the Naimoli group was agreed to in principle, and when the National League vetoed said sale.
  2. Actually, it's only New England and Columbus. D.C. had a different logo for their 1st year and were officially called, "Washington D.C. United," but then switched it up to the one they have now, and dropped the "Washington" moniker. The logo has certainly changed, but I'm pretty certain the team has never gone by "Washington D.C. United," mainly because that is a truly awful name.
  3. Couple days late on this, but apparently Iona brought out the black uniforms because the NCAA wouldn't allow them to wear their standard road uniforms, which had maroon numbers on a maroon jersey.
  4. It's a decal. Those are scuff marks from the shoes. Is that right? I thought the whole point with the standardized courts was that there were no longer decals on the court surface.
  5. Austin Peay. They've been using it since the 70s, and it shows.
  6. No mention of the baselines at the Big East tournament? It keeps messing with my head, and I swear, the first time I saw it, it took me 20 minutes to realize that those weren't just signs erected on the baseline.
  7. The Nationals have one that they stopped playing shortly after they introduced it, but it's so horrendously god-awful that I refuse to link you to it. If you want to hear it that badly, you're more than welcome to seek it out yourself.
  8. The ACC isn't going to implode. Worst-case scenario, it picks up the worthwhile pieces of the Big East, and Notre Dame is still no worse off than it was when it was part of the Big East. Remember, even if it's not an incredibly attractive place to put your football program, the ACC does still currently fill the role that the Big East filled for a while of being the easiest point of entry for an automatic bid to a big bowl game.
  9. Since they used the bird in all of their playoff merchandise, I'd have to assume that they'd have used the bird. Just like the Nats would've likely had the roundel instead of just the curly W.
  10. It's just white. No all-gray set on the standard template.
  11. With the Dodgers' loss tonight, the Cardinals have clinched a spot......
  12. I don't know what I love more - the double negative, or declaring that our basketball program is dead because of ONE subpar year in the post-Gary Williams era (which was going to be pretty lousy even if Gary Williams was still at the helm).
  13. The retrocession is the only thing that gives it any sort of character, though.
  14. It already was circular before it was changed recently to accommodate New England when we added BC.