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  1. Georgetown also handles a lot of the media relations duties when they host. Hosting isn't as simple as saying that you'll throw your logo on the court - there are actual responsibilities that come with being the host institution. That wouldn't keep somebody else from hosting (it's not like it's on Georgetown's campus or anything), but if Georgetown wants to host, they'll get right of first refusal. There's also nothing keeping Maryland from playing at Capital One Arena, and they actually did play there in 2002 for the first two rounds. Georgetown, however, could never play in Capital One Arena, even if another school hosted - NCAA bracketing regulations prohibit teams from playing in any venue where they played at least three regular-season games.
  2. The ACC isn't going to implode. Worst-case scenario, it picks up the worthwhile pieces of the Big East, and Notre Dame is still no worse off than it was when it was part of the Big East. Remember, even if it's not an incredibly attractive place to put your football program, the ACC does still currently fill the role that the Big East filled for a while of being the easiest point of entry for an automatic bid to a big bowl game.
  3. Fairly simple, but the Montreal Expos' royal blue cap that they wore just prior to moving to DC, but with a velcro back, pretty much just like the '47 MVP hats. Bought one from the Expos team store right after they announced the move and wore it to death, and it's starting to really show its age.
  4. The Orioles' white-paneled cap is inferior to the single-color cap with the cartoon bird on it, and serves as an example for why the white-panel trend should have stayed in the past.
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