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  1. Are they going to play at the Civic Arena? I used to play there. How is a Spartan related. to a Fighting Saint?
  2. Nice and clean. I say keep the partial roundel as is. My only recommendation is to maybe squint the eyes a little bit more. The tiger currently has a bit of a surprised look on his face. Great work, as always!
  3. Colin, it's nice to see your return to sports logos. I agree with dgnmrwrw, your duck logo is a great start. I'd like to see it with some shadows and/or highlights. I think you could turn it into something amazing. The color scheme and designs of both jerseys are spot on. Hope to see more.
  4. This is very good! Nice consistent set. I say turn the yellow a little more orange so not to be confused with Michigan. Wordmark seems a perfect choice for the Lions. It's almost royal and a nice nod to the old english "D" of the Tigers who play next door. Overall a "thumbs up". Look forward to more of your work on here.
  5. undead

    Miami Dolphins Logo

    Really great! Different than any other Dolphins concept I have ever seen. I like how tough the dolphin looks. The logo works fine without the sun. The sun works for nostalgia purposes.
  6. I agree with you 100%, Fraser.
  7. It was unexpected news. He was a true talent.
  8. Great job! Really dig the hyena.
  9. A misty fog used to develop above the ice in playoff OT games in the NHL. The more OT's, the worst it got.
  10. No, we're interested in you continuing on. Your work is so good that people don't really comment, they quietly admire. Plus remember it's the summertime. It seems like activity dies down around here at this time. Please continue.