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  1. I'll give you two more "wrong" uniforms for him: Former NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey
  2. Please send the Draft order please,  I am planning my strategy.

    1. KCScout76


      Sorry, I see that the order is in New Business thread.

      KC picks 5th

  3. So Brady like most people who live a long time in the northeast is going to Florida so he can retire and enjoy the lack of state income tax before he does. Good for him. It does. Clearwater, particularly the downtown area.
  4. This is kind of a you get what you deserve situation for Houston. They should have fired O'Brien after that debacle of a playoff game which was overshadowed in their own market by the Asterisks scandal blowing up. Texans are nearly Jets level of incompetent.
  5. I was about to go on this whole thing about how could this be the Long Island Nets since they left in the 70's...then I realized I forgot there was a G League team on the Island. Maybe they're planning on wearing them to Jones Beach later since they look like terrible beachwear.
  6. When I was in Milan a couple years back I bought two royalish blue suits except with more modern, slim fit, Euro styling. Wore one on Friday.
  7. It's bad enough the postseason extends into November are they trying to end the season near Thanksgiving now? I'm sure players would love playing in Minnesota, New York, Boston or Chicago in mid to late November.
  8. When I was growing up in the early 80's in the NY area the Knicks and Nets seemingly lost every night. They were good for a stretch when I was graduating high school in the 90's and since that stretch went back to collectively awful. It made it very difficult to care about basketball back then and it makes it hard to give a %$&* about the Knicks now. They barely get any attention on local sports radio, when in the past at the time they were contenders for the Eastern Conference crown entire shows would be devoted to them. They barely see the back page of the tabloids now except for when the owner makes an "a double crooked letter" out of himself. The consultant will tell Dolan to stop meddling, put a winner on the court, and stop throwing a tantrum a toddler would be envious of when someone yells at you to sell the team. That would fix any issues with the Knicks brand. Of course Dolan being the "a double crooked letter" he is will do none of the above.
  9. So at that rate aren't you just trading one level of overall ineptitude for another?
  10. I thought it was mafia inspired because it looked like the poor bird was decapitated.
  11. Those hats are collectively awful. What's worse than those hats is that they want $41 for a 5950. However, there's always some schmuck who'd buy one...but it won't be me. Congratulations New Era for curing me of my hat buying habit. Whatever will I do with all the money I save this year instead of using it for your awful product.
  12. It's always been on the back of the Yankee ones just below the collar.
  13. If they really want to boost the brand they could start with I don't know...actually putting a competitive basketball team on the court. Maybe even winning some games every now and then could work too. However, sadly, nothing with the Knicks will ever be fixed unless and until Jim Dolan sells the team. Dolan makes the Wilpons look competent by comparison.
  14. You mean that game Eli Manning was MVP of twice?
  15. If there wasn't much of a market for Eli Manning would there be much of one for Philip Rivers and would Rivers want to be a back-up?