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  1. Please send the Draft order please,  I am planning my strategy.

    1. KCScout76


      Sorry, I see that the order is in New Business thread.

      KC picks 5th

  2. TP49 - sorry I missed the draft, daughter in the hospital most of the week and start of track season.

    Been really busy - I see that I was probably on Autodraft.    KCScout76

  3. tp49

    Kansas City Cattle will return for the 2019 Season in the Continental League.



  4. You gotta have week 17 recap - I mean, how many teams win 10-0, let alone us.  Royals are hot and so are the Celts!

    1. tp49


      I'm working on it.  Been sidetracked by "that which pays the bills" so the new recap should be up tomorrow night or Wednesday at the latest.  


      Now, I looked at the scoreboard because a 10-0 win would be most impressive and worthy of touting to the great heavens above but alas the Celts didn't win the save category that week and only won 9-1 :lol:.


      That said you're team's had a good season and with 3 weeks left you're actually still in the race.  Keep it up wouldn't mind seeing you in the playoffs.

  5. tp49,


    I am looking at changing the Kansas City team name (or is there a date for "change" application.

    If there is, we will hold off until 2017 Season.  If not we have have two considerations.

    Let' me know.


    KCScout76 - Manager Kansas City Celts

  6. tp49 -






    KCScout76 (Kansas City Celts)

  7. Kansas City Celts are returning for the 2016 CL baseball season.

    I PM last week.