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  1. If you're including New Jersey as a suburban market in the 1970's shouldn't Long Island be in there too when the Islanders came around in '72.
  2. I read somewhere that part of the reason Deion left was because NFL Network wanted to slash his salary, rumored to be in the neighborhood of $2 million a year, in half had he re-signed with them. Guess Barstool was willing to meet his price.
  3. Agreed on Cintron he earned every one of those twenty games he got. Laureano should appeal the suspension which in the end should be reduced to two or three games.
  4. So John Tavares you went to Toronto to win championships...your former team's gone farther in the playoffs then you have since you left. Enjoy walking around your pool.
  5. Yoenis Cespedes opts out of the season in the most Mets way possible by not showing up for work, packing up and leaving, and not informing the team until the game is almost over. Made the Mets look pretty stupid not that it's difficult to do that. In this climate I have no issue with players opting out but if you're going to do it be professional about it.
  6. I thought I was the only one. After reading the protocols available here for your reading pleasure it's shocking that they failed to account for a number of things most glaring what to do should a team have a mass number of positive COVID tests at one time. The 113 page document is silent as to how a decision to play a game under those circumstances is to be made. These things in this day and age are reasonably foreseeable and should have been front and center. There's no excuse for this on either side and to me this is as egregious as... The lack of mini-bubbles on the road. I initially had the same assumption as you that teams would be in mini-bubbles on the road using their own clubhouse staff, and the things you listed. That they didn't is mind blowing. I wonder if they got caught up in the idea that the players would be disciplined enough to do these things on their own and didn't account for human nature. I think this more or less sums up what I've been saying the past week or so here. One of the things we've learned from the various lockdowns nationwide is that human nature is such that we can't be cooped up for too long before we go nuts without either a release or a high level of discipline. It will be interesting at the end of the day to see the effectiveness of the NHL and NBA's course of action. True but I absolutely can and will blame Manfred and Tony Clark for poor health and safety protocols. There's more than enough blame to go around on both sides here. What individual players do on their own is one thing and you can only control it the best you can but to have a poor plan in place from the start is something else and I think the later in this case led to the former.
  7. This season hasn't been Manfred's shining moment. With the lack of protocols for mass positive test incidents, tinkering with the rules to the point of absurdity including the runner on second base in extra innings and the probability of 7 inning doubleheader games, it's becoming more and more clear to me that despite me being glad baseball's back it's time John Taffer arrive at MLB HQ to shut it down.
  8. You forgot the two cities that also make up Nassau County, Long Beach and Glen Cove. The reason a reference to Hempstead refers to Hempstead Village is because all of the unincorporated areas with TOH (and North Hempstead and the Town of Oyster Bay as well) have their own names be it Uniondale, East Meadow, Levittown, Roosevelt, Baldwin, etc. Don't get me started on the 64 incorporated villages that also makes up Nassau County, and yes I'm the weirdo who would know them all...Nassau County government layers, fun for the whole family.
  9. I love Mattingly from when he was a player but he needs to go as well as the GM because oversight on issues like this need to come from both.
  10. That would be factually incorrect. The hat is terrible, the script is a mess (it should also be red and non cursive to invoke nostalgia) and is overall not pleasing to the eye. The only thing the Rangers did right with their new uniforms was put Rangers back on the homes. I too grew up with many teams wearing powder blue and in the words of Beavis they don't just suck they reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy suck!
  11. So to answer my own question, I downloaded the 113 page MLB Operations Manual for this season. There are procedures for single players testing positive but as I suspected it is silent on a situation of the type that happened with the Marlins. Considering a scenario such as this was reasonably and easily foreseeable, I find it appalling, yet somehow not surprising, that there's no written policy. You'd think there with both sides involved in negotiating the protocols that there would have been something for a mass case of positive tests. Should have done the bubble, should have put a protocol in place for a mass positive incident, this rush job looks like a cash grab on both sides. Someone call John Taffer it's time to SHUT IT DOWN!
  12. Is there not a protocol in that 113 page health guidelines manual for a situation like this? I find it difficult to believe that either MLB or the union wouldn't have put in a plan should there be multiple positive tests on one team. I'm disturbed that the decision to play on Sunday was made via a group text among the Marlins players and not through some sort of league level medical officer. Seems irresponsible.
  13. I'm probably one of the more "traditionalist" types around here but I have to say I really, really, really like the identity. Don't love the name but damn that identity is nice. Putting both of these posts together because I'm wondering if supply chain issues due to COVID might have something to do with this. Would seem a sort of, maybe, possibly good explanation for that kind of delay.
  14. Why do you think Kronke "transferred" the Nuggets and Avs except to get around the NFL's rule. Sure he could by pulling a Kronke as mentioned above. He'd probably have to be part of a group if he wanted to do that as I don't think he has enough to do it on his own.
  15. Looks like New Era's going to get out of their naming rights deal on the Bills' stadium.