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  1. Absolutely. This was also where having Steinberg in the State Senate really helped. He was able to use his clout as President Pro Tem to get the expedited review process through the legislature and signed by the Governor. IIRC this also helped the projects in Inglewood and San Francisco as well and will help with the Railyards stadium. Caveat is I think Steinberg's been a horrible mayor, but he was useful there. When I moved here close to 20 years ago I lived Downtown close to where G1 is now. The first time I went to Downtown Plaza I wondered why the arena wasn't there. Made so much sense then and it's done so much for the area. Agreed. In that respect G1 was a trailblazer. I've been here long enough to remember when 7th Street ended at the tracks and didn't go all the way to Richards. I hope the MLS stadium does for the Railyards and River District what G1 did for Downtown. Your last sentence is key because I would love to see the city diversify it's economy and get away from being just a government town. That was one of the biggest lessons the powers that be here needed to learn from the 2008 recession because we probably would have fared better here with a more robust and diverse economy. I'm looking forward to the block party on Monday. I'll for sure be there.
  2. I'm surprised there are four left. I thought they all bandwagoned the Warriors by now.
  3. He is a Tennessee fan so it's par for their course.
  4. If the Sac Bee reports the sky is blue I go outside to make sure. If they report that water is wet I turn on the faucet to double check. That said we'll see when it happens but I'm keeping Monday open.
  5. They're also the same station who had some...ahem...issues with their reporting of the names of the pilots of the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed at SFO a few years back.
  6. Does this 10th inning grand slam by Howie Kendrick seal the Dodgers' fate.
  7. For as great a regular season pitcher as Clayton Kershaw is he's equally as horrible a post-season pitcher. Losing record and ERA now around 4.5 for his career.
  8. KTVU figured no one was watching due to the massive PG&E power outages in their viewing area. I guess the joke was on them.
  9. 10-0 St. Louis in the 1st. The Braves look like a Little League team out there.
  10. The only reason the Trop is loud at all is the artificial noise they've been blasting in the place for the last 20+ years. The artificial noise over the years was so loud that it's blown out the speakers on the stadium PA to the point the announcements sound like an old New York City subway car they're so garbled.
  11. Sharks bringing back Patrick Marleau for 1 year at $700,000.
  12. I would buy these jerseys and I don't particularly like the Brewers.
  13. NFL officiating is probably the worst of all the major sports. Nowadays I feel like I see more of the officials on tv than I do the players and the constant flags drag games out longer then they need to be and take a lot of the enjoyment out of watching them.
  14. Carolina trades Justin Falk to St. Louis for Joel Edmundson, Dominik Bokk and a draft pick.