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  1. ha I don't know, man. I heard DEAD! uses illegal post-enhancing drugs.
  2. No, newbie. Don't do it. Bad newbie. Baaaaaaad newbie. BAD NEWBIE.
  3. Did part of the struggle to retain the Sox have to do with most of the legislature being supporters of the Cardinals and Cubs and thus unwilling to devote public funds to the White Sox?
  4. You're aboslutely right. The colors never should've been changed. I should whip up a concept, but it's pretty hard to replicate that Jazz script. (I want to make UTAH in the same style.) Yeah, the Jazz just went with no identity other than "we heard two shades of blue is in!"
  5. There's not a lot of ambiguity to "I moved my baseball team to Minnesota to get away from all those poor black people," though. That's worth notoriety to me.
  6. Because superficially, he doesn't look like a user. He just looks like someone's dad. However, I think it's just as likely that Roger is juiced at this point. Pitchers in general don't get as much steroid scrutiny as the hitters.
  7. La Russa really has the sword of Damocles over his head here, because if he tries to crack down on alcohol, he'll be called a hypocrite, and if he doesn't, he's insensitive and not watching out for his players. Also, there are birds perched on the sword of Damocles.
  8. This was like the anti-Onion thread, where a real article was purported to be fake. Thread starter, look at the mess you made.
  9. Then they'd be the Seattle White Sox and Chicago A's. But seriously, the Royals would come in to replace the A's, and the Brewers would come in to replace the Braves in lieu of the Pilots. The Mariners expansion team would've gone to Tampa Bay, and Oakland wouldn't have gotten a team. Haha, I speak as if I know for a fact.
  10. A horse. Anthropomorphic lightning bolt, like if the Bananas In Pajamas were bent in several places.
  11. I'm no Mets fan, but I love "Meet the Mets." Every baseball team needs a theme song.