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  1. While I like the concepts, I'd argue that the red '86 unis are the best uniform in Hawks history, and probably the uniform they're most known for. I'd expect that version would be best served for the Eastern team. I certainly wouldn't want to surrender that look to the West.
  2. Has anyone seen any information on the warmups that will be worn alongside these new hardwood classics? I'm curious, because to go with the jerseys, there were some pretty sick warmups back in the day. Wondering whether or not Adidas will bring these back out, or come up with a low-key jacket/shooting shirt... Here's the hawks:
  3. Has anyone been able to uncover what the 2012-2013 on-court Adidas warmups will look like this year? I'm most curious about the jacket and pants style... Wasn't a fan of last years, so I'm hoping Adidas bounces back with something a little nice this time around.