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  1. OK, OK, my "O.C" hat may not be great. But I still feel like "Orange County" makes a helluva lot more sense than "Los Angeles." And the TV show proved it's a marketable name. The difference between the Angels' situation and the Jersey Giants/Jets, Arlington Cowboys, Foxborough Patriots, etc. is that there's already a far more successful and popular team using "Los Angeles"

    Sorry to get off topic from this thread. So Minnesota, please stay in navy. Between the Nats, Cards, Reds, Angels, Rangers, D-backs, and Phillies there are enough teams in red.

  2. I've been to Anaheim. It's a suburb. I've also been to Los Angeles, and I'm not convinced Los Angeles isn't a suburb of itself.

    "Los Angeles Angels" is the best possible name for the team, but it makes more sense for them to stay in Orange County and accommodate their fanbase, which may well be all over southern California but at this point would certainly have to be concentrated in Orange County. I just smile at "the The Angels Angels."

    Great point, I've lived in L.A. for 6 years and it's just a sprawl of suburbs with no real downtown heart (despite recent efforts)

    If they had courage they'd adopt "Orange County." Here's what it could look like:


  3. My whale is an english test cricket hat. No commercially-sold replica exists, as the caps are only given to the actual players, which seems noble in theory, but they sell replica test shirts, replica test sun hats (think gilligan), and test hats for the ODI and Twenty20 formats. Moreover, the test shirts now carry ads. Considering all the commercialism in the game with ads on test shirts, a congested fixture list, etc. it seems a weird line to draw in the sand. I would just get a replica ODI or Twenty20 hat but they're hideous as opposed to the simplicity of the test hat, navy with the crest in white.

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