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  1. And the older logo doesn't look too bad on a polo either
  2. I put the new walking tiger logo on the helmet, looks ok.
  3. While I like Nike's new, relatively simple, kits for England, I made these parody 'whatmightabeen' Nike England shirts. a vision of a very possible future St. George's Cross infused with Swooshified energy The stodgy Three Lions replaced with three fresh and energetic swooshes Obey the corporate master Some have compared Nike's new England shirts to the US shirts, so why not Americanize the crest? Others have compared the new shirts to West Germany's. While others have complained that the new shirts are too plain. But they could be even plainer.
  4. I'm not sure where the modern obsession with side paneling for the jersey comes from. The most iconic and popular jerseys in the NBA's history are side-panel free, the Bulls, the Celts, the "City" Warrior jerseys, and the Lakers pre-makeover. The side-paneling never matches up with the short paneling, making for a sloppy look, and clutters what little space there is on the jersey. Moreover, so many teams have such bold and bright color combos, side-paneling detracts from having those colors shine.
  5. The sponsor is up way too high on the Fulham shirts, misplaces the badge. The crest should always be over the heart.
  6. Love when Wahoo-defenders try to paint themselves as the victims of some PC Police witch-hunt. Yes, the world is out to get white people. Meanwhile, the Cavs change their logo but no one in Cleveland raises a peep. The Buckeyes change their helmets and it's cool. Again, why the clinging to this particular logo? Non "PC Police" arguments against Wahoo. 1. Plenty of other teams have changed their cap logo. The Cubs, Red Sox, Twins, Brewers, Dodgers etc. I would argue that the Brewers' "M-B Glove" logo was just as beloved by Brewer fans as Chief Wahoo is by Indian fans, yet they have a new cap logo, it's nice, and many Brewer fans actually like it. 2. There's little winning tradition with the Wahoo caps outside the late 90s. Again, if the "C" cap was good enough for Bob Feller, Larry Doby and Bob Lemon, then it's good enough for today's bunch. 3. It's not aesthetically pleasing on a cap. There's a reason why 27 of 30 MLB teams go with letters on their caps rather than cartoons. Again, forget the mysterious PC Police; I wouldn't like it if the Mets used Mr. Met on their cap, or if the Cubs used the walking bear as their cap, or if the Padres used the swinging Friar on their cap, or if Detroit used their 80's coked-out tiger on their cap. And as for the Notre Dame nonsense, they don't use the leprechaun on their helmets, so even if they got rid of the logo it wouldn't have any effect on their visual representation. Same for the Boston Celtics, a basketball team's jersey is far more important than its logo. Likewise in baseball, the cap logo is more important than the actual brand logo.
  7. Similar to how in baseball a team's cap logo is far more important than its actual logo, in basketball a team's jersey is far more important than its logo. So I'm reserving judgment until we see the actual jerseys, but I feel like they will look great with "Brooklyn" in that font rather than "Nets." The black-and-white choice bothers me. Brooklyn is a vibrant place, it's the West Indian Day parade, it's Coney Island, it's the brownstones of Park Slope, it's the rolling commercial storefront mania of Flatbush Ave. and Fulton St., it's the view of the Verrazano from Bay Ridge, it's the colorful fashions of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, it's the beautifully verdant Brooklyn College campus. In short, it's an exciting place, and these colors aren't exciting.
  8. well, most pro-Wahoo people are well aware of the anti arguments. Flipping it around a little bit, why is the pro-Wahoo camp so incredibly attached to this logo? So many teams change cap logos all the time, what makes Wahoo on the cap special or so sacred? If the Brewers can ditch their "M-B Glove" hats, then almost any team can change their cap logo. Even teams with far bigger brands such as the Cubs, Cards, Dodgers and Bosox have either added alternates or made changes. And for those who say this thread should be dumped, read the actual article because the author brings new talking points to the table.
  9. The Marlins made a big deal about embracing the vibrant colors of Miami in their rebrand, yet here they are trotting out a dreary all-black look that was tired by the late 90's.
  10. Forget the politics of it, I just think it's an ugly logo especially for a baseball cap. I think it's telling that the vast majority of teams choose to use letters on their caps rather than images. Moreover, it has little history behind it. The Indians won their two championships without Wahoo on the cap. Look at iconic images of Bob Feller, Larry Doby, Frank Robinson, Bob Lemon, Lou Boudreau, etc, you won't see them wearing Wahoo caps, they either wore the wishbone "C" or the funky 70's "C." So it's not as if the Wahoo cap is something they've worn consistently since the 1910s like other historical clubs. So I don't think it'd be a big deal to wipe Wahoo off the caps based purely on aesthetic and team history grounds. If a "C" cap was good enough for most of their legendary players then it's good enough for today's.
  11. I think the Dodgers have shown, with their road jersey, that you can have blue lettering without a white outline and still have it be clear. Yankees current road design only dates to the 70's, I think the white outline with the blue trim on the sleeves makes the whole thing look dull and lifeless. Without the outline, the letters pop more. The socks for both teams were brilliant. Those of us like myself who want to see ballplayers show some sock may come like "Get off my lawn" old-school conservatives, but the NBA and the NFL go to great length to police the uniforms in their respective leagues (i.e. NBA banning those leg-warmer things and the NFL fining players for seemingly minor sock infractions), so I don't see why the supposedly most tradition-rich sport can't keep its visual presentation consistent.
  12. schtee

    MLS by 2020

    Absolutely tremendous work. Everything is very sharp and the colors really pop. My fav update is for Seattle, such an improvement over the bizarre shape they use now for their crest. One small suggestion, moving the "NY" to before the "C" in "Cosmos," right now it reads like "Cosmos NY." I'm glad it's just a conceptual vision for the league's future though. 20 teams will be more than enough. Just as an example, Mexico has way more people than any Western European nation (where the powerhouse leagues are) and Mexico loves soccer way more than the U.S. does, yet has only 18 clubs in its Primera Division.
  13. What's funny about the Marlins is, they went thru all the trouble of a big re-design, and talked about incorporating all the bright colors of Miami, and here they are in dour black hats and shirts night after night. It's a real dull look, and the worst part is, Miami is a fashion-forward/trendy town, and all-black unis is a trend that is super played-out. Their original all-teal caps look more au courant than what they're wearing.
  14. i don't see the appeal of the $250 elite level jerseys unless you're in insane professional shape. They're meant to be worn over pads anyway. I like that they're offering a different cut for the everyday fan.
  15. I can't speak for the technical stuff but it's a fantastic concept and loads better than the current crest.
  16. I love it, excellent work. Agree with the other posters, the jacket is too dull as grey. And if "NY" is gonna be on there it needs a little more pop.
  17. To paraphrase Francesa "Huh-yooge" upgrade for China.
  18. schtee

    Don takes on MLB

    Love the lighter green for the A's, too many teams (Jets, Eagles) have gone away from an appealing shade of green. And the maroon Phils always get a prop from me. Waaaay too many red teams in baseball.
  19. My whale is an english test cricket hat. No commercially-sold replica exists, as the caps are only given to the actual players, which seems noble in theory, but they sell replica test shirts, replica test sun hats (think gilligan), and test hats for the ODI and Twenty20 formats. Moreover, the test shirts now carry ads. Considering all the commercialism in the game with ads on test shirts, a congested fixture list, etc. it seems a weird line to draw in the sand. I would just get a replica ODI or Twenty20 hat but they're hideous as opposed to the simplicity of the test hat, navy with the crest in white.
  20. to expand on the it's-a-matter-of-aesthetics-tip, I would say it's the difference between showing up at a Rolling Stones concert dressed in a Rolling Stones t-shirt versus showing up dressed as Mick Jagger. One looks ok, one is an outlandish look that can only be pulled off by a select few. If the argument is that "anything goes, you can wear anything" then why don't people show up at ballgames also wearing ballgames wearing baseball pants and cleats? There's a boundary right? So if we accept there's a boundary then we can also accept that many adults looks ridiculous wearing jerseys in public. Take a look at Kevin Smith rocking a hockey sweater on the cover of last week's L.A. Weekly. Flattering, right?
  21. "Plus, there's nothing cheap looking when rocking a $400 jersey with a pair of J's and a nice New Era cap. Sports is a part of fashion now." Granted, that may be true. But that's a niche. Fact, it's hard for a 40-year old to pull off wearing an embroidered Heat jersey, skinny jeans, a flat-brimmed Supreme hat and some ill kicks. Not impossible, but rare. What's more common? A big, fat middle-aged dude wearing a mesh NFL replica that only accentuates the beer gut. It's aesthetics, most adults look better in adult clothes. Jerseys are specifically designed to be worn by athletes. Far easier for out-of-shape middle-aged people to wear normal adult clothes that do a much better job of concealing a middle-aged body than sports jerseys. Not saying it's not impossible, but it's a select few.
  22. While I don't agree with the premise of the article, there is something to be said for adults dressing like adults and children dressing like children. It's one thing to wear a jersey to an actual game (although what happened to dressing nice?), it's quite another to wear jerseys out in the street, especially modern jerseys with colored underarm panels and random piping. Those are designed to look good while playing, not while out on the street. To echo what aawagner said above, only soccer shirts and baseball jerseys look normal to me when worn out in public on the street. Football jerseys look the dorkiest, just a giant piece of supremely overpriced mesh with a giant number on it. Dunno, just on the aesthetic tip. Comic Whitney Cummings put it best, "Guys wear jerseys for teams they're not even on that's like me watching 'Grey's Anatomy' in scrubs."
  23. schtee

    New York Jets

    looks best on the second try with the light green. an excellent concept, what about using their existing italicized, upper-case "NY" from their alternate logo, because the lower-case "n" is too n.y. giants.
  24. great idea, lends some cohesion to their identity.
  25. All you Cosmos haters, tuff, deal with it. As American soccer fans why should we hide from our history? Why should we be ashamed of our NASL history? Why not bring back the most glorious name in American soccer history? Let's be proud and not pretend that soccer is new in this country or is being shoe-horned into our sporting fabric. As for the shirt itself, it's pure class. Does anyone complain when Mitchell & Ness put out sweet throwbacks?