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  1. Not bad, but a tad busy, perhaps without the "Nets" wordmark on the top and a simpler number font.
  2. Looks like Zorba the Greek busting out some new dance moves in the new logo.
  3. schtee

    NFL Uniforms

    Great project, hoping to see you finish the league.
  4. schtee

    NHL Designs

    I was down with all these concepts until the Kings. Cartoon logos and the regal NHL just don't mix.
  5. These are amazing. Many of the rugby league looks in use now are rather amateurish, yours look polished and ready for the pitch.
  6. I'll defer to fans of the Angels on whether the halo should be gold or silver, as an unbiased fan, the silver always struck me as dreary while the gold makes the logo cheerful.
  7. Those new Amerks jerseys are beautiful. Kinda hard to envision the average fan walking down the street wearing the replica without looking a little like Captain America, but on the ice they will look perfect.
  8. That's interesting. To quote the late, great Johnny Carson, "I did not know that." I guess another benefit to a name change would be that Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester all use United, so why not stand out?
  9. West Ham United's new vice-chairman floated the idea of changing the club's name to "West Ham Olympic" in conjunction with their proposed move to London's 2012 Olympic Stadium. It's a silly idea, and so I had a bit of fun making a badge for "West Ham Olympic."
  10. I absolutely love the name and crest. The crest is understated but with a nice, singular, memorable visual linchpin. The name, while Euro-inspired, is not forced or inappropriate (looking at you Salt Lake), although I wish some team would have the guts to go with S.C. for Soccer Club. Great colors too.
  11. schtee

    MLS Concepts

    Some of these are fantastic, the Baltimore Rovers is a real winner. The Whitecaps one has the famous Cosmos logo as its centerpiece, so it doesn't work as an identity.
  12. Will the US be retaining their dark blue/graphite change shirts? Those are awesome and would make for an excellent-looking first match against England in their classy collared whites.
  13. Great point Gothamite, the market for this jersey is people like us who are into logos, which makes it paramount that they get all the details correct. If not, we will pounce. People who are down for the black wouldn't care either way. I'm against the black hat and blue bill because I believe in what Big Daddy Kane said, "aint no half-steppin."
  14. can someone explain how France barely beat Ireland, and only won because of Henry's handball, yet leapfrogged England's in FIFA's rankings, thus harming England's seeding for the World Cup?
  15. To echo what everyone else has said, great work! Professional-looking and slick. Props.
  16. I cannot fathom why anyone would voluntarily have a sponsor's logo sewed onto their replica shirt. From a purely aesthetic point of view it's a bizarre choice to make. It's bad enough that clubs do not offer the option of purchasing sponsor-free shirts, thus forcing us as supporters to pay for the privilege of providing free advertising. These companies must be laughing their behinds off. I'm not one of those blind traditionalists that thinks the trend of commercialization can be reversed. I think it's bad business for these companies to waste their marketing dollars on such sponsorships. Sure helped AIG to sponsor Man United. Sure helped XL to sponsor West Ham United. I still have no idea what "xango" is. I have a faint idea what "Herbalife" is, but my opinion of them does not change because they sponsor the Galaxy. Galaxy shirts are all the more comical for older folk like myself who remember the 90s when "herb" was slang for "loser."
  17. I've written a tongue-in-cheek article about how countries that wear collared shirts do poorly at the World Cup, only 5 of the last 18 World Cups. Bad news for England. Also included a nice photographic summary of all the winners.
  18. I've written a column on soccer ground naming rights in England that may be of interest. Hate to see venerable venues over there go the same way as legendary stadiums here (Boston Garden, Montreal Forum, Comiskey Park, etc.) My li
  19. Can you Chitown posters explain why the White Sox get no love? As an outsider, I don't get it. They've won a World Series recently, they've been steadily competitive, they've got the South Side to themselves, plus they can draw in people who don't like the Cubs.
  20. David Stern has made it fairly clear that he is about growth not steady profits. The league has alienated its hardcore fan-base in favor of in-game music and pyrotechnics to draw in more casual fans. It's about pleasing new markets, not pleasing longtime fans. It's chasing short money over long money because at the first sign of boredom or trouble the casual fan will leave. An arena can be sold out every night, but if there are not enough luxury boxes the NBA is not interested. Which is bizarre, because long-term Oklahoma City will not have as deep a corporate fan base as Seattle. I think it was more a matter of principle for David Stern, Seattle needed to be taught a lesson so that the next city that wavered on paying for an arena would be sufficiently scared. The problem is in national tv ratings. In the playoffs, the casual fan, in my opinion, would be more interested in Seattle playing than Oklahoma City because of the name recognition and history. In the NFL, it doesn't matter so much which two teams play on tv, but in the NBA and in baseball, bigger markets tend to draw more eyeballs.
  21. I'm old enough to remember a time when the Knicks were far and away the #1 team in NYC, even when the Yankees started winning in 1996 the Knicks were right there in popularity through the Sprewell years. In NYC itself, I'd rank the Mets ahead of the Giants for #2. In Manhattan particularly, there are so many transplants who cheer for their own football teams. Of course, most of the transplants stay loyal to their own NFL teams but end up adopting the Yanks as their baseball team.
  22. Rather jarring to see Giggsy looking that young. Some real amazing shirts on that list, especially the pre-sponsor ones. The "smiley face LU" era Leeds United is the perfect combination of class and daring design.
  23. Thought it was interesting that an LA Times poll of its readers found that the Lakers only ranked third amongst favorite teams in the city, behind USC and the Angels. And the Lakers barely beat out the Galaxy for third, who in turn beat out the Dodgers. Weird results. Also makes me curious as to how other members of this board think the rankings of favorite teams would look in other cities.
  24. The French kit looks like Wolverine took a couple of hacks at it. Adidas may have blocked the sleeveless look? If that's true that is wack, I thought it worked, and probably a lot more comfortable for games played in high temps.
  25. Some excellent ones, but like everyone else, some confused me. The Knicks? are those legos?