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  1. Yeah, the Hit-By-Pitch rule has to stay like it is because the ball can graze fabric and not the body even on a tight 70's style jersey. Less subjective for the Ump to leave the rule as is. I'm just frustrated because I feel like the Tigers had a better shot to dump the Yanks in a short series because of their starting pitching. And the Twinkies have been a pinstripe-punching bag.
  2. I'm no Tigers fan, but I'm still peeved that Brandon Inge got robbed on the Hit-By-Pitch non-call. Baseball's rules are quite clear that even hitting clothing is sufficient. I've posted a screen-cap and the rule here:
  3. Again, I could be quite wrong, but here is further photographic indication that the 1960s Mets never wore cream-colored jerseys.
  4. Props to Brian E for a great mock-up. I've looked at old Mets photos and I don't think their home color could ever be called 'cream.' Casey and the boys look like they are wearing white, might just be the hazy glow of nostalgia and the richness of flannel with felt lettering. Anyhoo, I've done my own mock-up of the jerseys, along with what David Wright might look like in them, here:
  5. Just wanted to pass along a 2009-10 premiership season preview image I had posted at
  6. I posted a review of some AFL logos here for general amusement:
  7. Ball Don't Lie came through correct with some insane all-time dunks:,178098 I followed up with some more killer pictures of violent dunks, including an underrated Chris Webber smash on Muresan.
  8. Dang, I would attempt a comeback, but it's allllll too true......
  9. Haha, those images would contain language unsuitable for family consumption. It's funny tho, how much better it is to collapse on the last day of the season rather than have it all be over in mid-July.
  10. Thought you all might find this drawing I made of Mr. and Ms. Met severely bummed out over the lost season that I've posted here, along with my co-bloggers thoughts on the Mets bleak future:
  11. Shockingly, the beautiful caps that the England team wears this summer, navy blue with the three lions and crown, (as seen here) are unavailable for sale! The same goes for Australia's gorgeous green Test caps.
  12. I've scanned in a bunch of historical photos and drawings of cricket players at Lord's Cricket Ground in London, showing the continuity of style and wear since the 18th century.
  13. Woah, that's awesome. Great job, the stripes flowing forward in the side profile seal the deal. What about further attaching the concept to the team by putting a "P" or "N.E." inside the star-circle.
  14. Now that the Meadowlands has lost its "juice", and now that we as a culture understand that big-city sports need to cater first to the urban population, I doubt that we'll ever see another big-time team called "New Jersey". Totally agree. By and large sports in the suburbs has not worked. The Nets will do fantastic business in Brooklyn. People actually go out and do things in cities, whereas most people in the suburbs go to their comfortable homes for the night. And it's a desire voiced by many on these boards and elsewhere; the Nets should go back to those sweet Dr. J unis. For a generic franchise with a middling identity why not rock the unis that many love?
  15. Right on BallWonk, the main problem with San Diego's current cap is that it is almost exactly like the Dodgers. And that should not be.
  16. My high school in Manhattan had a unique name, the Stuyvesant High Peglegs, named for the one-legged Dutch governor of New Amsterdam, Peter Stuyvesant.
  17. Except, of course, that Kansas City is in Missouri. The Houston Astro(nauts) is a nice, inspirational one. Their prior name worked too. And, of course, New York Red Bull, if there's one region that guzzles that swill like no other it's New York/New Jerz.
  18. It's been said many, many times before, but if you're gonna do throwbacks do em right. the A's just look sloppy. The Rays set makes them look exactly like what they were, a poorly executed 1990's expansion team. As opposed to the Marlins, who off the bat had a strong look. Say what you will about their color scheme, at least their cap logo of the "F" and the marlin has stood up.
  19. schtee

    NY Knicks Concept

    I agree with BringBacktheVet, I'd be curious to see it with "New York" on the front. Cuz it's hard to visualize a Knicks jersey without it on the front (cept for that mid 80's aberration).
  20. The American flag doesn't clutter things up on the basketball jerseys of teams in the ACC. What creates clutter on jerseys/kits is unnecessary piping and its ilk.
  21. Adding the diamond to the Dodgers logo is blaze. Gives a proper boundary and proper context to a logo that always seemed an afterthought and to just float there. But I agree with the others, the lack of red numbers makes the whole look kind of plain and robs the dodgers look of its uniqueness considering that so many teams use a script wordmark with a tail. Keep up the great work with this project.
  22. Piping notwithstanding, still a nicer uni because it's cleaner. But I still don't get why they try with the "C" on the helmets when the "UConn" wordmark from the basketball teams already has built-in recognition and value.
  23. Could be wrong but doesn't the University of Arizona use the "A" from its basketball team and football helmets as its school academic symbol?
  24. Probably because it looked like it was sloppily tacked on as an afterthought. You are correct...from the Uni Watch archives: Uni Watch: Mets Concede I think I saw the old logo with the NY on the on-deck circle at Dodger Stadium the last two nights, 10 years after it got the axe. Yeah, I went to the Mets-Dodgers game on Monday and the on-deck circle Mets logo definitely still had the stick-font "NY" in it. I posted a review of the potential new looks (thanks to Wally1912 for saving the images from the survey):
  25. I'm with you aykay, the interlocking "STJ" is the way to go. couldn't they at least set it at an angle? something? must have been the nike summer interns.