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  1. EAT IT PHILLY. STAY AWAY FROM OUR MANS. God, I’m so happy to not deal with that BS for two 12 years. Or ever. (Now go reward this boy’s loyalty with some damn pitching.) How much does a Mike Trout Phillies Jersey go for on eBay? Asking for some “friends”
  2. Some tweets with interesting info from the Flames director of marketing:
  3. And the Reds have lost 8 of the last 9, 10 of 12 to the Pirates, if that matters. The Blue Jackets are such a strange thing to watch from the outside. Should they indeed miss the playoffs, it'll be strange to think that Columbus will be the center of NHL offseason intrigue. Where do Bobrovsky/Panarin go? What happens with Duchene? Is this Tortorella's fault and he's out? Is it Kekalainen's fault and he's out? Can they somehow keep their together and make a competitive team for next season, or are they back to being the Beej of old? Just when you think the Blue Jackets have turned the corner, they might realize they are indeed the Blue Jackets and falter.
  4. Carey Price is 0-5-0 in Anaheim and 3-10-1 in California.
  5. There was some rumble that Arte was interested in buying the Fox Sports West RSN himself. Idk how that would affect that check, but it would certainly give the Angels a more direct revenue streak.
  6. As someone that’s been to Angel Stadium many a time, I’ve never gotten that impression when it comes to the history. There’s the pennants (Division/AL/World Series) out in center-left. Retired numbers displayed and easily seen in right. They have a large display for the 2002 title in front of the team store. On the second concourse, they have team Hall of Fame murals on the walls behind the press box. Not to mention the pregame video montage where they literally recount every event of note in team history before every single game. Could it all be displayed even more prominently in the stadium itself? Oh, definitely. But to say it’s not there is wrong. And I agree about bringing the Big A back into the Big A. It is quite the landmark as the marquee along the 57 freeway, but you could still leave it there and integrate some design in the stadium itself. Angel Stadium as it is is all I’ve ever known. I’m sure I went to games pre-Disney renovations, but I don’t have any burning memories of it. And as you said and I agree, it’s a perfectly serviceable place to go watch a game. I’d say it’s a fine place to watch a ball game. And as someone that truthfully doesn’t have a care for all the extra bells and whistles (restaurants/club levels/meeting areas/game areas/etc/etc, and maybe some of that is from growing up with the Big A/Big Ed as my home park), I don’t have any issue with the place, especially once they replaced both scoreboards. I have been to the classics (Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Old Yankee Stadium), neo-retros (Coors Field, Guaranteed Rate, Turner Field), a dome (Chase Field) and to modern parks (Petco Park, New Yankee Stadium). And really, me personally, I’m good with what Angel Stadium offers. Could it use a buff up? Sure, but I’m not part of the group clamoring for it.
  7. It's Southern California. Parking is literally the last thing we would sacrifice. Especially for another goddamned mall. (Which... would need parking.)
  8. 4th worst in average attendance, dead last in capacity percentage. Last season, 3rd last in average, last in percentage. Two seasons ago, last in average, last in percentage. Three seasons ago, last and last. Four seasons ago, 2nd last and 2nd last. Five seasons ago, 23/30 and 27/30. Six seasons ago, 17/30 and 23/30. (And for whatever it's worth, this season, 2nd to last in average road attendance, dead last in average road capacity percentage.)
  9. Back in days between the failed NFL expansion of 2002 and the return of the Rams/Raiders/Chargers, there was a nascent plan to try and build a football stadium on the Angels parking lot. So it's indeed an option. (Although, less of an option if they fill the parking lot with developed retail/restaurant space.) I don't think its an option for this go-around of negotiations, but it could be an avenue in the not so far future. It's not like the "old bones" of the stadium are crumbling or anything. The foundations are sound. However, any major renovation would be the third such major renovation in the stadium's 53-year history. (Enclosing for the Rams in the late 70s, Opening up back up in the late 90s.) There's only so many times you can dress up/down a stadium. The issue, of course, would be funding. And this is California. And everyone here sees what Kroenke is doing in Inglewood. So unless Arte goes for it on his own dime (HA!) the foundation of Angel Stadium will stay where it stands.
  10. The Disneyland property literally backs up against the 5 freeway. Except that Disneyland opens Star Wars Land (*ahem* Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge) this June. Already done. Would've been a fine idea, otherwise. Get on a "space" shuttle to go to the "other planet" that is the separate park. (Although, the logistics, ugh. Think about loading these shuttles at night's end, then having to get on the parking lot tram, and then driving out. Yikes.) Anyways, all in all, sure there is probably more money to be had by selling the land potentially to Disney. However, I would think there'd be a greater loss to the "caché" that Anaheim has at present. Anaheim already has Disney as a main attraction, but if you lose Major League Baseball and just add more Disney, that doesn't really do anything for the city's profile. If anything, it does lower it that notch of being another town that lost a big league team (See: St. Louis, NFL). Anaheim's priority, and the Angels' too, I think, are to keep the Angels in Anaheim.
  11. Having lived/went to school in Long Beach (Go Dirtbags), despite how cool a waterfront stadium could be, I think traffic and parking would be an absolute NIGHTMARE. There is a LA Metro line (Blue Line) that ends not terribly far from the site, so that could help a little, and it would connect the Angels with the rest of Los Angeles that Arte Moreno so dearly craves. (Although parking at the stations above the terminus isn't terribly plentiful or they're in Compton.) But as admiral said, it's Southern California. People can't not drive their cars. There are those parking structures nearby, but also having used those, they'd have to be expanded and it could cause a great congestion. And I can only imagine that Shoreline Drive on/off ramp to the 710. It's currently a construction hell as it is right there as they modify/enhance/repair those roads as it turns into the Port of Long Beach and is overloaded with 18-wheelers. Plus, as mentioned, you build this and you're essentially killing off the Long Beach Grand Prix. Also using that site/demolishing the arena for parking would also put a major kink in the Long Beach portion of the 2028 LA Olympics: That area with the water polo pool and the BMX facility is the site they're initially putting forth in this Angels offer. Handball would take place in the arena in the bottom right. But yes, just look at that area right there, and you say, damn, that would be a beautiful spot to put a stadium. It's a fine initial idea. But there's a lonnnnnnnnggggggggg way to go with this stuff. Anaheim still looks like the preferred spot to stay, and things like this are just barely twinkles in some Mayor's eye at this point.
  12. Ducks final 21 games under Carlyle: 2-15-4, 34 GF, 80 GA, -46 Ducks last 4 games under Murray: 3-1-0, 10 GF, 5 GA, +5 And thanks to the rest of the West, now 3 points out of the playoffs. What a dumb season.
  13. If the Angels are trash again this year (which... well...), then I'd say the chances are low. The Angels have to make something of themselves this year. Trout does seem like a pretty loyal guy. He's done and said all of the right things as an Angel, and the primary goal of the club this year has already been stated as signing Trout. On the other hand, there's too much smoke around that Philadelphia fire. Trout even said there's not a day when he's home in the offseason when someone doesn't ask him when he's signing with the Phillies. Having Ohtani around would soften the blow a little, but losing Trout would be devastating for the Angels organization. Truly, if they handle this wrong, it could set them back another decade. As it stands, I've made it a point to relish every minute of Mike Trout this season. He's a marvel, and it's embarrassing how the Angels have wasted this generation/century/millenium's greatest player so far.