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  1. They shoulda just altered some Pavement albums cover. This is just freaky and Thomas Dolby's The Golden Age of Wireless is fantastic. However, the cover is just lame.
  2. beach house - teen dream yeasayer has some stupid artwork, but i don't like their albums.
  3. This is a soccer match, not a Toby Keith concert. PoTD. I'm gonna use my 5 posts for the year to second that
  4. This is an awesome website for NASL (and now MISL) uniforms http://www.nasljerseys.com/ Some of my favs are Too big to post so I'll like the image instead KC Comets St. Louis Steamers (81-82) Tacoma Stars (86-87)
  5. Evan

    Knicks Logo Update

    i was gonna dust of Illustrator and try to update the Knicks logo, but this is excellent. Maybe my eyes are going, but is there a second shade of blue around the basketball?
  6. The Wave have a new logo for the upcoming season. They haven't formally introduced it (or they have and no one noticed). It is shown at the end of their "UNITE" video and on one of the players shirt. They use their old one on their website, but lazily have the new one displayed in the banner http://www.milwaukeewave.com/home/ I tweeted them asking them if this was their new logo but got didn't hear back. My thoughts: My Wave fandom is similar to my Simpsons fandom. They had something great in the 90s and what exists know is simply a shell of their previous product. I am happy they are returning to the old logo. Simply because I didn't like the new logo. The one with the badge. This is such an ugly look. The primary without the badge is nice, but overly complicated to use on all promotional items. They had a nice alternate that was a W wit a ball and water wave going through it. They never used it though. Regardless, I guess this is an improvement.
  7. Evan

    Name That Font!

    What font is "MARQUETTE" ? Thanks friends!
  8. here are some of my thoughts regarding the lack of green in major sports For the NBA and NFL, I see a lack of green because the two teams with green predominately are very popular and 'own' the look so to speak. Boston and Green Bay have had green so long and other teams just don't really consider green as an option when developing a new brand. This is just one thought that popped to my mind.
  9. Hmm. I like the font design. I kinda wish they would just chop the right side of the cat off instead of going for a Florida Firecats look
  10. Thanks for the tip. I just picked up a long sleeve Colorado Rapids blue jersey for 27 bucks total. Awesome