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  1. Better question: Has anyone taken their new “Gotham Green” and mocked it with the old uniforms?
  2. IMHO - It almost looks like the helmets and team logo were from one design team, and the jerseys, pants, and socks were from a second design team. Other than the typeface for Jets on the helmet and New York across the chest, nothing else “matches” so to speak.
  3. Not to go off topic, but if you don't like Lukas' opinion, whether it's about uniforms real or fictional, or what meat he cooked last night, why are you reading his site/blog? I don't always agree with him (my own opinions tend to be about 60/40 in agreement with his), but I find his writing thought-provoking and entertaining, even when he's not writing about a uni-centric thing. If/when these new uniforms are official, I will be interested to read his opinion on them.
  4. Some antics! Aren’t we all always up for some antics? (Especially when there’s no new news on the Dolphins’ changes)...
  5. This picture should remind us all that Babe Ruth never wore the NY logo on his jersey -- that's something that was added to the home uniform after Ruth. Proof that in those days, they weren't worried about changing an "iconic" look.
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