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  1. Excessive Steve Phillips Network.
  2. You know, this would be a great opportunity to really implement sabermetric analysis into the public consciousness, so we can associate some numbers with these fresh faces. Unfortunately, we'll probably just hear that every guy has a lot of grit, knows how to do the little things, and plays the game the right way. Me, I play baseball the wrong way. When I get a hit, I run right to third.
  3. Not to mention the Cubs televising their games on WGN, of course, which accounts for Cubs fans existing all over this great nation of ours. Sometimes, they're not white!
  4. Kauffman Stadium is also an example of compelling and enduring design. Once upon a time, the Royals had a clue.
  5. Remember when the New York script DID match the Mets script? That was the best one they had. If it was up to me, they'd use the old Giants script in blue and orange.
  6. Shh, stop undermining ESPN's scientific polls.
  7. The difference between the baseball draft and the other two "big" drafts is that the draftees don't make an immediate impact with their clubs the same way they do in the NBA and NFL, and with high school/college baseball being nowhere near the prominence of college football and college basketball, we're hardly acquainted with most of these faces and names. Tyler Colvin was drafted by the Cubs last year. He played for Clemson. In a few years, perhaps he will play for the Chicago Cubs. This meant nothing to me, though, because I've never heard of Tyler Colvin, I don't follow ACC baseball (or any college baseball), and who knows when he'll get the call, if he ever does at all? Besides, isn't the baseball draft like 30 rounds or more? It's just a different beast than the NFL and NBA drafts, and I don't see it being as conducive to wall-to-wall coverage as those two. The NBA draft is probably the best. You have the lottery a month ahead of time (HEY speaking of televising, how about we get some transparency to that aspect of the draft, Dave?), then the draft itself, and we know most of the names from college, and it's over in like two rounds.
  8. Are you listening to Boers & Bernstein? die...hard...white sax tan
  9. Roger Clemens is in George's box.