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  1. sean69

    Senators Concept

    Good idea, might be a little busy still good concept. Personally I would like the sens use the alt logo or an update something like King Leonidas from 300 w/ helmet of course.
  2. Great job, I like your idea of the white jersey best. You should switch the logos on the red one and maybe a white maple leaf. Just a thought, keep up the concepts!!
  3. I love when people come on here and make jokes. I am not the most knowledgeable hockey person around and when I saw the Hollwegg hit, I could not decide if it was legal. Even if it was not, it's a two minute penalty case closed. This was battery with a weapon. A felony if it happens on the street. You don't get suspended for roughing or checking from behind. You do for swinging a stick at someone's head. Your right your not a knowledgeable hockey person..I'll leavit at that!!!!!! You're an idiot. Clean hit, all the way. The only idiot is you!!! Clean hit all the way eh? clean if you mean hit from behind, but that is most likely how you like it right?
  4. Let's not forget the run by Hollwegg that started this!!!! Anyone who has played or watch the game would know that Hollwegg threw a dirty hit!!!! If Simon gets 10 then Hollwegg should get 5!!!
  5. Still better than what you can do You untraditional bastard you..all in fun don't take it prsonally
  6. sean69

    76ers Concept

    Thanks AstroBull, did not know that, no wonder the player are suing the league, man they CONTROL EVERYTHING. You would think that because that is the teams logo and name it would be allowed? Oh wait that is common sence, we can't have that in professional sports.
  7. sean69

    76ers Concept

    TCR question, why can't he use that script? Just curious.
  8. Flyerhockey, man I wouldn't worry too much what capn89 says, his uniforms are not uniform. He has staight lines on the sleeves and curves at the bottom of the jersey. Not really practical. IMO
  9. Not bad, kinda reminds me of the Russian jerseys in the challenge series thats going on right now. good job.
  10. You don't like the Canadiens jerseys, you don't like the Blackhawks must be on crack!!! Oh wait I have seen your work before.... you are on crack!!! Did you have a hand in the slug too? Rehab is usually free.. look into it, Thanks.
  11. sean69

    NHL Graphic Outlook

    That is what the Capitals should look like!!!Great job!!
  12. Man those Flyers jerseys are smokin...great job!
  13. WHAT? How could you not like the Blackhawks jerseys? Oh wait ...I've see your concepts
  14. These are very good unis...too make them perfect you should put the chief head logo on the helmets, other than that great job?