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  1. From what I can recall, the combo of the mustard hat with anything other than the corresponding 1971 throwback was reserved for Roberto Clemente Day.
  2. Correction: Pittsburgh Central Catholic's colors are blue and gold; surmising purple as an official color for the school is understandable given that CCHS uses the Minnesota Vikings' logo as their own. More than anything, I am geeked to see my high school mentioned in one of these threads!
  3. no other team has ever had a jersey goof!
  4. Actually, I have the 1979 DVD Box Set (all seven games); if I have time, at some point this weekend I'll pop in each disc to figure it out for you.
  5. Griffey, Jr., others to wear No. 42 as part of Jackie Robinson Day tribute Cincinnati Reds outfielder Ken Griffey, Jr. called Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig and received permission to wear uniform Number 42 on Sunday, April 15th to honor Jackie Robinson on the 60th anniversary of his Major League debut, it was announced today. Commissioner Selig has expanded the gesture and extended an invitation to all Clubs to allow any of its members to wear Number 42 on Jackie Robinson Day, April 15th, as a tribute to Jackie and the history he made on that day 60 years ago. "This is a wonderful gesture on Ken's part and a fitting tribute to the great Jackie Robinson and one, I believe, that all Clubs will eagerly endorse," Commissioner Selig said. "To make this happen, I gladly will temporarily suspend the official retirement of uniform Number 42 on that day. "Jackie continues to be an inspiration to all of our players, and his impact will be felt for as long as our game is played. I thank Ken for finding another special way to mark Jackie Robinson Day." On April 15, 1997, the 50th anniversary of Robinson's entry into Major League Baseball, Commissioner Selig announced that Robinson's Number 42 would be retired throughout baseball and would never again be issued to on-field personnel. "If it weren't for Jackie Robinson, I wouldn't be able to put on the uniform I'm wearing today," Griffey said. "He should be an inspiration not only to baseball players but to anyone who fights prejudice and hatred." Each of the 15 games throughout Major League Baseball on April 15th will feature festivities to honor Jackie Robinson. The national celebration of Jackie Robinson Day will take place at Dodger Stadium on April 15th with a VIP-filled reception and on-field ceremony prior to the game between the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers. The ceremony and game will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN HD, ESPN Radio and ESPN Deportes at 8:00 p.m. (ET) and will also be carried on XM Satellite Radio. Among those participating in the festivities will be Rachel Robinson, Jackie's wife and founder of The Jackie Robinson Foundation; their daughter, author Sharon Robinson; several of Jackie's former teammates; baseball executives and civic and industry leaders; Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholars; and winners of the Breaking Barriers Essay Contest.
  6. As many of us know, it has been something of a brief tradition for MLB to debut next season's crop of dugout jackets during the playoffs. I found this while surfing a local sports memorabilia site here in Pittsburgh. I'm posting it, not so much because the construction or design of the jacket is different from what they currently wear, but the color certainly adds some fodder to the talk of an NL Central team wearing red alts next year. Pirates jacket I must say, as a Pittsburgher [and diehard Pirates fan] I've welcomed the introduction of red into the mix. In fact, without straying too far off topic, I toyed with some concepts a few years back whereby the Pirates retain red as a splash/accent color, and the Penguins adopt a similar marriage of black, gold, and navy blue [while returning to marigold as opposed to Vegas gold]; taken together, they tie in perfectly with what most would call Pittsburgh's "first" team, the Steelers.
  7. Because the Grays originated in Homestead, a suburb of Pittsburgh. "From the late 1930s through the 1940s, the Grays played their home games at Pittsburgh's Forbes Field, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, during this same period the club adopted the Washington, D.C. area as its "home away from home" and scheduled many of its "home" games at Washington's Griffith Stadium, the home park of the Washington Senators." Source: Wikipedia
  8. If you're looking for promise in your quest to sink the "Buffaslug," look no further than the New Haven Ravens-turned-New Hampshire Primaries-turned-Fishercats. Personally, I LOVED the Primaries' set; thought it was brilliant - in fact, I quickly purchased the "Uncle Sam calling his shot a la the Babe" hat before it disappeared. Have yet to wear it. Source: Wikipedia [link features logos of all entities] Origin of Current Team Name New Hampshire Primaries On November 6, 2003, the new management unveiled the New Hampshire Primaries name and logo, which featured an elephant and a donkey holding baseball bats, and was to be used starting in the 2004 season. The management stated that they felt it reflected a unique aspect of the state, since the New Hampshire primary, held every four years, signifies the start of the Presidential election process. Immediately, the name and logo were widely criticized. An online petition was created by two local baseball fans asking the team ownership to reconsider their decision and was covered by local newspapers, radio, and television stations. This coverage was led by a front-page article in the New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire's largest newspaper, on Sunday November 9, 2003. By the afternoon of November 10, over 1200 unique visitors had signed the petition. Later in the day, the team announced that they would not use the Primaries name after all and that they would seek public opinion on a new name. On November 13, 2003, the team announced the ?Name the Team? contest which had three phases over the following weeks. During the first phase, fans submitted suggestions. During the second phase, fans ranked their top five favorite names from the suggestions. For the final phase, fans voted for their single favorite among the top five names from the second round. On December 3, the final voting results were announced: New Hampshire Fisher Cats (1,574 votes - 24.5%), Manchester Millers (1,552 votes - 24.1%), Granite State Mountain Men (1,382 vote - 21.5%), New Hampshire Granite (1,302 votes - 20.2%), and New Hampshire Primaries (627 votes - 9.7%). On January 22, 2004, the team unveiled the set of logos that would be used for the name New Hampshire Fisher Cats.
  9. Found this in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning. Based on precedence, we can assume that the AL's jersey will likely be a reverse of this [gold on black; though gold on red is a possibility]. FYI: The gentlemen in the picture who are NOT Jason Bay are Pittsburgh's mayor Bob O'Connor, and Allegheny County's Executive Dan Onorato.
  10. Hurry, there's only one bid! Begs the question: at what point after 1960 did the Pirates drop the "k" from Bucs? Unreal.
  11. Stranger yet is the header for the entire shop - Rawlings hasn't produced MLB jerseys for a couple of years now.
  12. Might have missed something here, but has, well, here's the description... The 2005 Red Sox season has started! Celebrate the event in this special edition jersey, commemorating their 2004 World Series Championship. All letters and numbers, as well as the MLB batter logo at back, feature a special metallic gold outline. Commemorative World Series Champions patch on left sleeve. This is the jersey the players will wear before their home opener against the Yankees! They'll wear them before the opener??? Might make sense to wear them for the entire opening series -- that would at least justify their use a little more, especially since the changes are so minor.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I don't love them -- I think they're out of place and unnecessary, but for what they are they're *alright.* Would have liked to see the Bucs go with a yellow version of the current vest, a la the A's of the 70s. With the black undershirt, that might be a nice addition, or at least something a little more distinct.
  14. I know the mock-up of this alt. was posted before, but here they are in, well, more action than we've seen to date. Didn't care much for them at first glance, but I'm starting to warm up to them. Wouldn't take them everyday, though.