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  1. I'm actually holding out hope for the San Jose Barracudas.
  2. speedy, I've read through the progression of the concept and I must say that I'm incredibly impressed with this level of professionalism. I think this look is clean, identifiable, and communicates everything I look for in a team uniform. Well done. -- ZC
  3. Well I guess we both break rules, eh? Signatures on forums should have a maximum height of 100 pixels, as to not cause clutter. Yes ZC, but look around, if that were actually a rule on these threads, I think over 90% of us would be breaking it. Plus, Wikipedia is written by everyday Johnny Q. Public's like ourselves, not everything on there is said to be 100% accurate. Heh, averyj pointed to wikipedia, not me
  4. I want to start out by saying that I like this concept a lot. A switch from the A logo would prolly bring about a lawsuit from the City of Anaheim, who's already tense about the fact that the Angels are using a loophole in the contract by adding 'of Anaheim' to everything, but hey... I like the red LA logo. My only comment on the LA logo is that I think that the halo should go back to the A and not the L, because well.. A is for Angeles which is plural for Angels in Spanish. Otherwise, great job!
  5. Heh, well, thanks. I honestly didn't know there was a site that discussed logos, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised I love sports logos to death; baseball especially!
  6. Eh, it happens. I didn't realize I was conversing with someone on staff, here. Btw, Go Giants! Beat LA!
  7. I'm a total Giants and Tribe fan and I really enjoyed the design of these uniforms. The stripes on the arms in particular are what stand out to me. Excellent use of the current font and keeping the presentation as close to the current standard as possible. I like the Chief Wahoo logo much better than the script I they go with on occasion.
  8. Well I guess we both break rules, eh? Signatures on forums should have a maximum height of 100 pixels, as to not cause clutter.
  9. Well, I'll be honest and say that I'm not particularly crazy about the uniform vest (ie: Reds, Pirates) but the vests here look more classy than how they're currently implemented in the MLB. Plus, I love the font and the block C logo with the Rocky Mountain within it. Is this also used on the cap, or is it just a block C? I can't quite make it out entirely to see.
  10. I think you did a fantastic job with the jersey design, and the font choice was awesome. I like how you kept the unfinished star they currently use and I think you're right in that simplicity is a good thing, here. Now, I hope averyj doesn't stomp me for making a comment.
  11. Why did you bump a post from Sunday, December 3rd, 2006? Someone on OOTP pointed me toward it and I felt the need to say something. Is this a bad thing?
  12. I like this design overall, but I felt like the TB cap logo reminded me of the Cheers TV logo Going where everybody knows my name
  13. Excellent work. I really like how clean the presentation is.