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  1. Beautiful DC kit and badge update. I'd love if they went full out like that. The only thing I'm unsure of on the design is the placement and size of the stars in the badge, they're much smaller than anything else on it and feel tacked on as a result. Always love seeing your unique takes on these clubs though.
  2. I'm with Discrim, I'd wear the hell out of that Tottenham third (though I may tear off the crest). As an Arsenal supporter – love what you've done with the crest (you're right, it's totally stuck in mid-2000s. Not bad, just not inspiring). Agree with vtgco about the sleeves on the home, but those 2nd and 3rd are sublime. Seriously dig the Ajax kit too, great update on the crest and the XXX down the middle are a lovely touch. Great work, love seeing what you come up with!
  3. Great presentation, the uniforms and logo look well thought out. I especially like the fleur-de-lis use on the jerseys. It also definitely passes the visual test alongside the rest of the NHL logos. Love that double outline! My only concern is the references and iconography of the original logo are being lost – the hockey stick and the igloo. I think you have to extend the royal blue shape serving as the hockey stick now to have a handle. Or connect it to the leg of the n to serve as the handle. The elongated and italicized n completely lose the igloo shape of the original (which to me also looks like a hockey rink?), and the counter that's supposed to be the door isn't really one – resulting in it just looking like an n. Many people who would see this hypothetical rebrand would have no idea what the original logo looks like. I think if you're going to try to take inspiration from and reference it, the hidden imagery that made it so great in the first place still needs to read as such, not just abstractly referenced.
  4. That Bucks logo is SICK! Love the all red hat with it too. The Gatekeepers is such a great name and concept. Not sure if you're looking for input, but I think you could push the Golden Gate motif a bit more - I don't immediately think of that iconic bridge when I see the two notches in "G" and "S." What if you cut out four rounded squares below the notches to mimic the structure of the bridge. Maybe throw in some white negative space lines to really drive it home. I love the retro aesthetic going on in these, would love to see uniforms to pair with those groovy wordmarks like the Orcas. I think you'd really knock them...out of the park.
  5. These are super, it's great to see someone trying out a dearth of ideas. I like the compasses a lot, but love the unique idea of 4 (and execution), and 5 has got to be my winner. Abstract and cool. Agree with jwinters - normally blue and yellow is one of my favorite pairings, especially for retro Mariners stuff, but that teal just helps it to be even more unique. Great work!
  6. The stars pushing to the edge is throwing me off a bit as well. The logo is great but I think you'd need a thick white outline over everything when it's on maroon, to replicate how it looks on a white background, where it probably looks even better. What if you tried giving the yellow stroke the same bevel treatment as the W, with little white notches? That could make it look just slightly more cohesive with the set. I love this concept though, that feather is so great. Would love to see that arrow on a helmet too!
  7. Thanks guys! Hadn't heard of Hat Club, and haven't checked out Clink Room in YEARS, still looks like some awesome stuff is being posted there. Appreciate the support, though not sure I'll end up submitting anything! Thank you dude, means a lot! Glad you dug the numbers, I'm obsessed with that font and am trying to use it on all my Rochester ones. It was something that just happened while scribbling wings and noticing an R was hidden in that shape, surprised they never tried something like it before. Initially I wanted to do a way more detailed wing for it, but my skillset is limited there. Cheers!
  8. That is slick as hell. Great job matching the angles of the hammer with those of the serifs - it's the little details like that that really make a simple but great logo. If I had to nitpick I'd be curious how it would look with a thinner horizontal bar / less space between the two hammers, but I still love this version.
  9. Looove that big G in the badge. Great start and I really dig the colors. Since you're taking suggestions, for my city Austin....Weird FC? Okay maybe too weird. Violet Crown City? Could be cool with sunset colors and some bats. Anyways can't wait to see more!
  10. Really good stuff here! The Arrows and Colts are fantastic, the Crane might be my favorite logo of the bunch, it's so smooth. I envy your commitment to the project, sounds fun as hell in quarantine. I've avoided OOTP because I know it'll be a massive time suck. For the Hammers I agree with above, I prefer the original H and think it could be the addition of a hammer/anvil away from being awesome. I think the anvil is just throwing off the symmetry of the H and not flowing with it enough (though that quirk could be part of its charm too). I do think playing with that negative space in the H could yield some cool results, or just a hammer across the H. Also, those little Raiders baseballs are amazing and I wish every MLB team had a kawaii-like version of their mascots
  11. Wow thank you for all the love guys! I really appreciate it, wasn't sure how this one would be received. I must say I'm humbled to come back here after years of hiatus and have members I admired way back when I was in high school enjoy my work! Cheers for taking the time to let me know your thoughts y'all. Thanks Brian! Ha, that may or may not be me as a lefty pitcher trying to sling curves unsuccessfully when I was 12. But coaches in little league never look out for the foreign substances, it's too easy! Really appreciate the kind words! I definitely struggled with how best to incorporate all the logos and the hierarchy of em - this really just started out as a little sketch of the primary and branched out so I wanted to include them all here. I'm glad you enjoyed my take on a uniform template! It certainly crossed my mind how to make this into a blank template for others at points. Maybe someday with that goal in mind I can set out to make a vector one like this. Thanks again! Dude thanks! I definitely just kind of ad-libbed the alternate collar and I liked how it turned out - no idea how it would look in real life though. Definitely fair nits to pick! Honestly, a script on that jersey would probably look sick, so you're right there. But per my response above I was looking for any excuse to put the primary logo somewhere, lol. I think you're right on the stripe too - it does look better in the illustration, hadn't even noticed! Thanks man. I know we've got similar inspirations, we gotta keep that old school energy alive! I totally get what you're saying about the "primary" logo. So many times I looked at it and didn't think it'd be strong enough to carry a brand or whatever on its own. A little sketch of that in my notebook spurred this concept though, and you know how it goes, sometimes those artistic blinders hone in on the first thing you come up with. But yeah, I was unsure of it which is probably the reason I kept coming up with other little variants and alternates that stemmed from it. I'm glad the two winged one registers well though! I call it the golden snitch haha. Some ideas have been percolating for some other teams but work's crazy...we'll see about more!! Cheers! I'm all in for teams adopting simpler looks - luckily it seems a lot of teams across sports are abandoning all those bells and whistles of the 2000s. It's a thin line between being too bland and generic though. Glad you like em! Perfect, the secondary target audience is satisfied. Thank you both!
  12. Hey guys! I'm back with another Rochester one-color rebrand and wanted to share. This time I took on the Red Wings, one of the oldest professional sports teams in America. I drew inspiration from the team's look of the mid-century, and completely abandoned all other colors - they're the RED Wings after all, and I'll never forgive them for joining the BFBS crowd. Wanted to keep a retro feel for everything, while also keeping it tied to my Royals concept for city-consistency (like a similar wordmark). The primary logo is my version of the ball and wing they used to often use, while also taking notes from the 80s art-deco style logo they had. Some alternate logos stemmed out from that! The uniforms take a lot from some of my favorite Wings unis of the past, like that beautiful sleeve monostripe home jersey. I binged Ken Burns' Baseball quickly and love Ebbetts Field Flannels, so I wanted to go for that mid-century look. Kept it pretty simple and old school, wish more teams would even now! Here's some of the moodboard of Red Wings past that I took inspiration from (featuring Bartolo Colon in a terrible black jersey, because it deserves to be seen) Finally, a different kind of uniform template than what may usually be posted here - but I also do a lot of kids illustration stuff, so here are some models for the new team look! Thanks y'all, hope you like!
  13. Skulls can be tough! I think the issue you're running into is trying to add too many human/fleshy elements to a skull that isn't meant really meant to show emotion like that. The brow and teeth treatment would work on a normal face, but not a skull. You can look at the Bucs as an example of how the teeth could be treated - lose the red stroke that encompasses all of the mouth and let the white of the teeth run right into the white of the upper and lower jaws. The first iteration was closer in that regard - I also would add back in the small overlapping accents like in the cheekbone you had in the original sketch. I think separating the mandible (under the eyepatch) will help skullify it a bit as well, as now it looks a little too smooth and connected, like Jim Carey's Mask. For the eye, I'd make it a bit bigger and lose the brow - again look to the Bucs as an example of a furrowed brow that still looks like bone. The hat is much improved in your second version, it could stand to get a touch bigger as well. Keep it up and great start!
  14. Would buy that Phoenix secondary shirt in a heartbeat. Really any of them. Great set!
  15. The Cubbies are beautiful! What I would give to see those Ivy uniforms in real life. Also clever little negative space in the Sox logo - real nice.
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