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  1. Thanks! The Astros one has definitely been the most popular - it's my favorite too.
  2. Love it, such an improvement over where you started. Great ferocity and shapes. My only nitpicks would be to lose the lightest shade of green (that you have as the eye color and shading on the snout - it's only used those two times in the entire logo. Keep it to 2 greens and the purple)), and maybe lose some of the small details (the eye glare, the details on the gate up top, some of the "fluff details). Then I think you'd have a winner that could be scaled down to any size and look fantastic! Super work man, great to see how you've grown as a designer in a year!
  3. Okay, finished up the American League! Angels - Had to throw a fun lil of Anaheim in there, and always loved the ball with angel wings Mariners - Went vertical here, inspired by their awesome 80s branding and simple waves that other Seattle teams have utilized (like the Sounders) Astros - This might be one of my favorites, any excuse to do something space-related I'm gonna take it. Athletics - Another one of my favorites, mainly because they have always had one of my favorite brands in sports - they need to utilize the elephant EVEN MOAR! Rangers - This one speaks for itself haha, they have always had one of the blandest looks in sports to me Cheers, can't wait to move on to the NL!
  4. Thank you! I'm pretty pumped about the Jays one - one of the big Toronto fan apparel websites is going to be producing it as an actual pennant for sale! Yeah I'm trying to use nicknames when I can - some have a bit cooler ones that are more applicable than others. Good call!
  5. Ah yeah totally thought about it being Canada and red! Good call. But yeah keep at it, excited to see the rest of the series!
  6. Hey Matt! Cool project, I would LOVE to see something like this implemented, and it's clear you've put a lot of thought into it. I'm going to go a bit of a different route in my critique than the majority of these comments, and focus on the graphic design portion of your series, as a lot of the replies seem to be focusing on the nitty gritty of your location choices, stadium possibilities, etc. when all I want to look at and talk about is the logos and designs. Forgive my upcoming few-beers-in-at-adult-softball rambling, but I think you have a good eye and great ideas and could benefit from some more in-depth design critiques. I think other posters were right - your designs are too simple, and maybe you didn't spend enough time on them. I encourage you to do so! Then again, maybe I'm way off and the design aspect of this project isn't that important to which case oh well, if there are any other logo designers out there maybe something here will be helpful! I want to show you that "simple" doesn't have to be a bad thing, so I'm going to try and go over some super easy tweaks that could make one of your logos better. Gonna focus on your Hogs idea to get across my points, because it's freaking brilliant, I'm a Toronto fan, and with a couple simple tweaks, I think you could have a great, SIMPLE clean logo. It's almost there. So I hope you don't mind, I'm going to use it to give some easy tips on sports logos, how I would improve the design. First, let's talk concept. It's awesome, but I think you missed out on some big opportunities! I wouldn't recommend changing the colors - the Bills one looks super weird with a red buffalo and blue stripe and so would this - it just looks off, ya know? So keep it the same, it still is clearly recognizable yet distinct in its own right. Second, you have the warthogs tusk all the way up like he's a bison, how can he fight his fellow Canadians?! Looking at reference photos, we should try to mimic the anatomy of the subject. So just an easy fix would be move that tusk down closer to his snout. And when I think of warthog, another thing I think is those crazy rat tails they waving around. Adding a little, one-wave-line on his butt is something that allows the viewer to easily recognize what this abstract thing they're looking at is (and really, that's what many sports logos are), that also helps add some flair and motion - another key component of sport logos. Speaking of motion, just a few degrees tilt upwards can help portray that a bit better. Notice that's why they do it in the Bills logo - buffalo don't actually run like that - they're loafs. So a little tilt up makes the hog look less like he's scurrying away, and more like he's leaping into action (doing what, I don't know, what do warthogs even do?) Okay, a few quick tips on the drawing side to keep in mind for sports logos, that I hope other people can benefit from as well! In general for logos, try to use as few points and as simple shapes as possible. Keep it real clean, using a few clean curves and straight lines - always minimizing. If you look at what makes the Bills logo work well, even though it's one of the simplest in the league, it's the simple geometric shapes. Straight lines, clean curves, no fluff! So all I did was trace over your logo using as few lines and points as possible, try and do that going forward - it can be a good exercise. Notice the bottom of his snout to his front leg, or his ear to his snout - before it was a squiggly line that looked too illustrative, now it's one curve, from point A to point B. The logo is entirely straight lines or long curves, making it more abstract, imply motion, and gives him a lil fierce edge. Logos don't need to, and really shouldn't be, realistic. Don't be afraid to get a lil funky with it. And try to keep the points to a minimum! After we get the general shape and motion down, THEN you can go in and add the finer details like the little tufts of hair the bison has, that add that little extra character. All I did was make a couple triangles, then add them to the main shape. The other legs are literally just duplicated - just as they are in the Bills one. Keep it simple, remember! Another simple way to make your sports logos look sleeker is by making your lines thicker. I mean real thicc. Again, these aren't illustrations - don't use any small 1 point lines as details on a pirate's collar or dog's snout or anything. Hell, if you want to add a gray outline, just make it thicker! Make it looks like it belongs, with a purpose, not an afterthought. Keep in mind, sports logos are really meant to be seen from far away - whether on a TV screen or in the stands. They need to be bold, without little points or objects or lines. And when you do have outlines or strokes - keep them consistent! See how the width of the white stroke on the red stripe is the same as the width of the white line between the front and hind legs? Never use more than 2, MAYBE 3 line widths in a logo. It's simple things like that you can do to ensure all your logos look consistent within themselves, cohesive in every part - not just a bunch of parts layered on top of each other. I'm not sure what program you're using, it looks like maybe photoshop or gimp, but I'd DEFINITELY recommend getting Illustrator, Inkscape, or some kind of vector software. That's really the only way to make logos, where you can get those sweet, sweet curves. Just practice with the pen tool every day. Trace logos. Seriously, trace this one, trace a bunch of sports logos, (this site has a few dozen or so around I think). That's how I best learned the pen tool AND the general rules that 95% of good sports logos follow. Anyhoo, I'm sorry for the looong comment, a lot of this is more general and not just directed at you - I just like focusing on the design aspect of these things and I hope some other people starting out could benefit from some feedback like this! 12 years ago I first joined this community and didn't know my way around any program or what made for a good logo. But there were loads of awesome people who helped me improve by giving sometimes harsh, but always helpful criticism and feedback. As a fellow designer, I hate when people comment unconstructive things or don't expand on their criticism a bit. You don't like it / it's too simple / too complicated / the colors don't work? Well why is it that way, and how can I improve it?! I may have gone a bit overboard on the how you can improve it part But again, I like your style and what ya got, seriously keep doing this and really take time with each of your concepts. And if you ever want some advice or to chat hit me up!
  7. Thanks! Considering making them pennants...but that'd be tough. Definitely likely to make little prints of them though! I'm pretty pumped though, the great guys at the Jaywalk (Toronto sports apparel site) are already going to turn the Jays one into a legit pennant! So I'm excited to see how that turns out...if well, then I may just have to make a bunch more myself! I'm definitely pumped to keep working on that concept and use that lil tiger for a bunch of stuff. I love him as if he were my own pet tiger. Cheers! chewbarky...THANK you! It's been a while since I've posted on here as the past several years I've been doing much more client and illustrative work. So it's fun to come back to what I knew so many years ago and apply my new style to the sports world! Thank you for the kind words! For sure, I'm psyched to tackle the Cardinals, Cubbies, Pirates, Brewers...ugh so many good names and design possibilities.
  8. Agree on the A/n front, though I do like it stylized. It's a cool badge shape and I like what you've done with the animals in the middle. Would also like seeing the original logos for comparison - since most of us aren't up to date on our A-League logos...but great work so far! Keep it up!
  9. Hi guys! Back with some more designs, for the AL Central. Really happy with how these came out. I think they're a pretty unique way to think about how their designs could have looked decades ago! Cleveland: Inspired by the flag of Ohio, I knew I wanted to stay away from any sort of Native American caricature, and I've always loved when they use feathers. Detroit: This tiger might be one of my favorite things I've designed recently. Might expand the concept a bit and throw him inside a D. I wanted just boom, in your face classic design with big lettering, kind of a callback to the team's long history. Fun fact the tiger design initially started as a tattoo I wanted and sketched out for myself - then I thought it'd be a perfect fit to try out in this simpler vintage style. Add a ball in his mouth and voila, he's ready for fetch! Chicago White Sox: This was a toughie, but I was inspired by their diagonal blackletter font treatment, and always loved their kind of flying sock concept. Four stars for the flag of Chicago and boom! Kansas City: Wanted to keep this one simple, loved the nickname Crowntown. Honestly even though this KC monogram is so simple I love how the two letters look together. Minnesota: had played with ideas of little twin characters on here, but ultimately scratched it. Went with some more Minnesota imagery, which oddly is something they kind of haven't done in their brand a lot (unlike the Wild and Timberwolves do) - so I wanted to bring in that northern starry night flair. Knew I wanted to do a cool script font as the focal point because I just love their script so much, and the layout of the letters just lined up perfectly, with the cross of the "t" and dot of the "i" creating the perfect ball and bat. Thanks for stopping by, up next is the AL West!
  10. Thanks! No template, I made it myself. I hate the Yanks so I had to throw some shade. They should take pride in their dark side.
  11. Howdy there! Been a whole while since I've posted here. But lately I've been drawing up some vintage-inspired pennant designs for all the MLB teams! I love how pennants play with color, fonts, and trying to capture the essence of a team with a few simple shapes. I've had fun exploring different ways to showcase a team and elements of their brand, so to speak. First up, my Jays and the AL East! Boston - kept this extra simple, loved the way the text flowed into the home plate. Blue Jays - Had a eureka moment when I realized I could get the J and the bird's chest shape to line up well. I'm biased but they have the best look in baseball, so it was fun thinking up a retro design for them. Yankees - I wasn't going to give these guys a good nickname. I tried giving it an almost authoritarian look, the pinstripes and font lookin like 1930s-were-not-messing-around-mobster aesthetic. Baltimore - Kind of just split this into three sections, playing with shapes and of course a nod to the awesome Maryland flag. Rays - Was so happy with how this one turned out. They have the blandest brand in the big leagues, I wish they never got rid of the Devil Rays name and look. So I combined a bunch of eras basically! Cheers guys!
  12. Really sending me down nostalgia lane with those hall of fame threads! I remember those fondly, really kept me going wanting to make concepts and were always a great inspiration (although I know I haven't been very active the past few years). Great idea to show everyone what a great project truly is. Congratulations!
  13. Alrighty how is red and blue?
  14. Hey dudes, so this is all for a project due next week in school (that's why the presentation is a bit different than normal), wanted to get some feedback for where I'm at. Decided to go with green/brown, for no reason other than it's a unique color scheme to the NFL really. I know blue and red makes sense for England, but it's just too overdone in sports. Let's give this team its own identity. Tweaked the primary logo a bit. And made an alternate logo based on a shield/St Georges cross. New wordmark as well. Let me know what you guys think!
  15. The new Hawkeye ones are so awesome. I just wish the interiors were as well done. Michael Del Mundo (I see you've posted some of his Spidey) has probably some of my favorite work I never get sick of looking at his work