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  1. It is still listed on the official Pirates store but I can't find any pictures of a player wearing one...
  2. I just noticed that Yahoo Sports has this logo up in the "top Performers" part of their box score for Northwestern. Is this an official logo in any way? Where did it come from?
  3. I have to say - I have a lot of friends who are sports fans, none of whom are big on logos/unis like myself, but they all agree that they want to have that orange hat. I have plenty of problems with this set, but aesthetically it has it's pluses - I plan on buying the orange hat and most everyone I have talked to will either do the same or wishes they could but don't want to spend $35 to get it. Say what you will about this set from our standpoint, but as far as marketing goes, I think the Marlins may have hit a home run here...
  4. They sell Tampa Bay gear at the metrodome? that's weird. And in 1997 the Devil Rays didn't exist yet. I'm guessing that either they unveiled logos far in advance or that you are mistaken with the year. anyway, that hat is sick! Ha, yeah, it was definitely 1997, I guess that was back in the time when stadiums sold gear from other teams (most places I've been to since don't). There is a picture of 11 year old me wearing that hat at a Twins/Yankees game in 1997 somewhere. I'm sure they just got the basic concept out ASAP to try to maximize sales.
  5. Interesting, I actually own this hat. It's an adjustable one that I bought at the Metrodome in 1997 and I always assumed they wore it at some point, but it looks like maybe not?
  6. I went to a TJ Maxx in Des Moines and they had about 50 small/medium 2007 Twins BP hats for $7.99. Not bad!
  7. Nice, I always thought it would be cool to see the famous color swatch for my alma mater (Augsburg). Interesting to see that they went darker for both colors in 2002. Guess I'm lucky to be from an A school, thanks ColorWerx!
  8. Craig Heyward maybe? He played for Pitt in the late 80's, but I don't know what his number was. He was #34 in the NFL, but I can't find any pictures that show his number at Pitt.
  9. What did that even look like? I don't think I've ever seen it...
  10. I stopped at a TJ Maxx in Des Moines the other day and they had one US baseball hat left, and what do you know, it was my size. Not a bad pickup for $8...
  11. Just when I'm sick and tired of you jokers making a "MCDONALDS LULZ" post, this one goes and puts three of the same unfunny joke into one singular post. Congratulations. I guess I'm not sure what you're saying. He makes a good point... If red and yellow automatically makes people think of McDonalds, then their marketing team IS doing a very good job. That is entirely different than the usual "MCDONALDS LULZ" posts.
  12. I don't know a lot about the technicalities of logos, but I know that I see a green C in that logo before a G and to say that is a B in any way is just a lie.
  13. I dunno, seems to me like there's a lot of solid possibilities on this roster. Greg Vaughn, John Jaha, BJ Surhoff, Pat Listach, Cal Eldred... or you could always go with Phil Garner, too. I recently picked up a '99 road Brewers jersey for a shade under $50 on eBay. I'm having EPS sew on the County Stadium patch and add Jim Abbott's number 25. When I went there last week, Terry (I think it was Terry, anyway) took one look at it and said, "Oh yeah, that one's no problem." Ah, what a magical place. I don't even like the Brewers but if I saw someone walking around with a 1994 John Jaha jersey, I would probably love them forever. So you would have that going for you.
  14. ladies and gentlemen, we have our first leak (it's very close, at least). I noticed you didn't respond to the cream Mets prediction. A good sign I hope...