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  1. Brogdon (also I watched this press conference and am very impressed by him as a person)
  2. ...and also Jeff Teague will wear #44 (number he wore at Pike High School in Indianapolis)
  3. Jeremy Lin and here's the Laker's mentioned earlier... Brandan Wright CJ Watson Marcus Morris Tyson Chandler
  4. I was involved in the marketed testing on this logo. When I saw it, it was much flatter and the mountains weren't as big of of part. The label on the top was not there either. I didn't like it a whole lot then, but this is an upgrade over what I saw (maybe in late October?).
  5. Sorry, it used to be we just had the topics combined. Guess I got ahead of myself.... but also... I agree with this.
  6. Kaman and Blake kind of look like the medium and large versions of the same person... Farmar moves down the hallway. I've got no snarky comment for this one. Hawes, Clippers...
  7. Crazy Idea, but I think that gray and white logo you used on the uniform template would make a great primary... I think it's awesome.
  8. I didn't get back to answering anything on this... not here very often... The shape is straight from the flag for the city of Memphis, as is the yellow color. I originally started with that word mark and had the dark blue with a hot pink off-set to the left on 'Memphis' and the the right on 'Grizzlies'. I was going for a Memphis blues bar theme at first, but when the paw got added it didn't work, and that when the flag became the main motivation... I don't really do jerseys, not that I can't I just don't have a template I really like, and I fear I am not talented enough to create my own (I have no idea how to use illustrator, and I assume that thats the program most people use to make that kind of stuff). Thanks for the kind words.
  9. Hey, so it's been a while since I posted a concept, or really posted for that matter, but I was messing around today and came up with this and I thought I'd share. Enjoy, I guess.
  10. The sides of the Phoenix set and the little bit of flair on your Rockets rebrand are awesome. I definately see both of those as things that NBA teams could be going towards adding to their style.