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  1. Take it with a grain of salt, But hearing from a friend whos dad works close to the padres, Is saying they have made the switch a roo, Making the brown tops the new alts, And the ones they been wearing the new primary, Dunno if teams are allowed to do that, But seeing this season so far is crazy, Maybe they got permission to.
  2. Hands down the best new and unique road unis in basebal, Did anybody else notice how they seemed to have a shine effect to them under the lights, Wish they were the primary road uni and not just the alts.
  3. The padres might have the most controversial one of them all, Its to hilarious to think they didn't see what looks like a swastika, by putting the sd in the friar lol
  4. Behind his right shoulder in the left hand side. SD looks like they changed the style.
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/now/yes-we-unveiled-our-brand-new-logo-today-but-thats-not-all-120018895.html
  6. Brown uniforms coming in fall Padres’ return to brown will be unveiled after World Series By KEVIN ACEE MAY 30, 2019 2:53 PM The moment for which so many Padres fans have been waiting could come as soon as a few days after the conclusion of this year’s World Series. Sure, a parade could be held downtown. But far more certain is that the world this fall will see the uniforms the Padres plan to be wearing when they win their first championship. The team’s chief marketing officer said Thursday the Padres will unveil their new brown and gold ensemble as early as November. The “rich brown and vibrant gold” color scheme and the font for the numbers and letters have been finalized. The specifics were submitted to Major League Baseball and Nike earlier this month. That essentially brings to the finish line a process that began more than two years ago. The decision to return to the color combination the Padres wore from their inception in 1969 through 1984 came after two rounds of surveys and two rounds of dial research groups indicated it was the preference of the largest segment of Padres fans. “I think it’s going to be a look and feel that San Diego can be proud of,” Wayne Partello said. “It’s an answer to what we heard.” The Padres want to guard as many details as they can until the unveiling. But they did allow the Union-Tribune to witness some of their research groups. At that time, fans involved seemed to favor a white home jersey that included pinstripes. Partello said Thursday that the word mark for the “San Diego” on the team’s road jersey will be different than the current version. Those away uniforms are sand, not baseball’s traditional gray. However, the sand is based in a brown palette, which will make it unique from the sand color the Padres wore on the road from 04-10. The Padres are doing “some fine tuning, some detail work,” such as determining design of outerwear and a subtle change to the “SD” logo. Padres Executive Chairman Ron Fowler has vowed this will be the last uniform tweak for many years for a team that has had at least 10 significant jersey iterations (with several more tweaks) in its half-century of existence. “The only consistency in our uniforms has been their inconsistency,” Partello said. “This moving forward is about consistency. This is about locking in on a look and feel that is consistent with what the fans and community wanted and moving forward with a look that is only us. The thing we heard is that the desire is for unique. This will be different.” MLB does not allow for an announcement of this kind before the end of the World Series. The exact date of the reveal will depend on the schedule of some Padres players the team would like to participate in the event. The new version will be for sale at the time of the announcement.
  7. The pants for the fleet really bug me, They should have yellow or gold chevrons at least, Think yellow pants or a darker grey would look so much better.
  8. They will put the CHARGE back in san diego football, And make us forget about our ex evil owner and team.
  9. Pads in there new camos in action
  10. According to dennis lin of the Union Tribune, brown has been getting very high praise by the fans and ownership plans on going fulltime with brown next season.
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