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  1. Just speculation on my part but... https://twitter.com/TBBuccaneers/status/435525433585455104 #Bucs fans, @WarrenSapp will be making a big Buccaneers announcement tomorrow morning. What do you think it will be? #itsabucslife Meanwhile today the Bucs started selling every jersey on the team site for $50.00. http://shop.buccaneers.com/catalog/Jerseys
  2. Tampa Bay is in the middle of a severe Tornado warning. Not the best game to use as a judge of attendance. I have season tickets and did not attend because I didn't want to die driving over a bridge to get to the SPTF.
  3. Not official but the Lightning will reveal them tomorrow.
  4. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/lightning/content/tampa-bay-lightnings-new-uniforms-sound-if-they-will-include-simple-classic-design